Wonder Food Kishmish: 10 Soaked Raisins Benefits

soaked raisins benefits

Wonder Food Kishmish: 10 Soaked Raisins Benefits

Dried grapes, or raisins, are fantastic foods that can be brewed, baked, or cooked with. They are full of nutrients, high in fibre, and incredibly energising. Raisins also aid in digestion, boost iron levels, and strengthen bones. 

Even though raisins are very healthy when eaten raw, you can also absorb more nutrients by soaking them in water for the entire night and then drinking the water along with the raisins the next morning. 

The water in raisins helps to enhance their benefits by absorbing many of their vital nutritional qualities. In this blog, we shall look at the top 10 soaked raisin benefits.

Nutritional Value Of Raisins

soaked raisins benefits

Given below is the nutritional value of raisins per 100 g.



Raisins Calories

258 cal


2.84 g


56 g


3 g


30 mg


0.22 g

Vitamin C

2 mg


54 mg


1.5 mg


22 mg

Benefits Of Soaked Raisins

Improves Vision Power

soaked raisins benefits

Raisins are abundant in antioxidants like polyphenols and phytonutrients. Additionally, it contains essential vitamins, which help shield our eyes from cataracts, macular degeneration, free radical damage, and other conditions.

Eating half a cup of soaked raisins first thing in the morning can help prevent dry eyes and reduce the risk of night blindness.

Maintains Liver Health

benefits of eating soaked raisins in the morning

Since raisins are rich in bioflavonoids, which shield the body from free radical activity, they are used as a liver cleansing remedy when soaked in water. These soaked raisins also aid in blood purification as well.

Weight Management

benefits of eating soaked raisins in the morning

You will most definitely lose weight if you soak raisins overnight and eat them first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. With a high leptin content, they reduce appetite cravings. Additionally, these soaked raisins accelerate the body's process of breaking down adipose cells and increase thermogenesis. 

The high dietary fibre found in them also helps promote better food movement in the digestive tract. Eating raisins before working out is also recommended to replenish your body's natural sugar stores.

Maintain Control of Blood Pressure

benefits of eating soaked raisins in the morning

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can lead to serious health issues. To avoid such issues, you should try to incorporate soaked raisins into your diet first thing in the morning and every day.  

These raisins are high in potassium, the most effective mineral that can significantly reduce our body's sodium intake. Since sodium is the primary cause of elevated blood pressure, controlling it is essential to preventing life-threatening outcomes.

Therefore, you should include soaked raisins in your daily fruit consumption to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Boosts Stomach Health

benefits of eating soaked raisins

Many digestive disorders are associated with poor stomach health. Picture your stomach's walls being heavily loaded with toxic materials and unwanted substances. Consuming soaked raisins with water can help alleviate this situation by calming your stomach and reducing the strong acids present in it. 

If you are prone to acid reflux, heartburn, or other oesophageal and digestive disorders, you should flush your stomach once a day with raisin water.

Cures Dry Cough

benefits of eating soaked raisins

Chewing-soaked raisins work wonders for dry coughs. It suppresses coughing and eases irritation in the throat. Ayurveda also recommends raisins for dry coughs due to their calming nature. Raisins are an excellent means of soothing and relieving a dry throat.

Good For Heart Health

benefits of eating soaked raisins

As we age, the damage to our cells is increased by free radicals and oxidative stress. To repair this damage and boost our immunity, we require raisin water and other antioxidants. Toxins and chemicals may also be present in the veins and arteries of our hearts, which need to be eliminated.

Because of their special qualities, raisins can lower their LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase their HDL (good cholesterol). As a result, it is highly advantageous for heart health and even helps prevent cancer.

Boosts Immunity

benefits of eating soaked raisins

Soaked raisins are a great source of vitamins B and C. These vitamins help your body resist sickness by strengthening immunity. Furthermore, the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of raisins shield you against infections, fevers, and a host of other ailments.

Boosts Bone Health

Soaked raisins contain a healthy dose of calcium, which can strengthen and increase bone density. Consuming soaked raisins on an empty stomach can help remove toxins and increase bone density, especially if you suffer from arthritis or joint pain in the winter.

Prevents Cancer

benefits of eating soaked raisins

Soaked raisins are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and may help prevent cancer. According to studies, raisin water is particularly beneficial for the colon and other digestive organs. In both males and females, it can prevent colon cancer.

Side effects of soaked Raisins

benefits of eating soaked raisins

Raisins, as dry fruits, have no side effects as they are completely safe and healthy. Many people consume raisins and their water before anything else in the morning.

However, soaked raisins can also cause minor side effects if consumed in large quantities.

  • Frequent adverse effects may include nausea, vomiting, or diarrhoea.
  • Certain individuals may experience respiratory issues, such as mild asthma.
  • Soaked raisin water is also interlinked with an excessive intake of carbs, which might pose a problem for some people's diet plans.


Consuming these soaked raisins provides an abundance of health benefits for your body. However, remember to consult with your doctor if you experience any side effects from consuming these dry fruits. 

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