Gond Katira Health benefits and why it is a must addition to your diet during the summer

Gond Katira Health benefits and why it is a must addition to your diet during the summer

“As the summer is here, we discuss the many Gond Katira benefits and how it can help you stay cool for the summers.”

The summer is here so it is time to turn on your air-conditioner and start keeping your water bottles in the refrigerator. As the days start to get hotter and hotter, people look to find ways to keep their bodies cool not just from the outside but from the inside as well. And there’s nothing better than eating food that can cool you down from the inside. Some of the most popular cooldown foods during summers are ice cream and cold drinks but if you’re a health-conscious person you know those are the stuff you avoid at all costs.

Instead, you should opt for food that not only cools down your body but is rather healthy as well. We know, the list of such edibles is rather short but we know exactly what fits this profile and that is- Gond Katira. A rather popular herb in Indian households for a long time, Gond Katira is known for its delicious taste and body cooling properties. We are here to discuss all the interesting Gond Katira benefits and explain the reasons why it should be a must-have addition to your summer diet. Let’s get started!

What is Gond Katira and what is its nutritional profile?

Known as Tragacanth gum obtained from the sap of plants called “Locoweed”- Gond Katira is a crystallised herb that is known for its body cooling properties and health benefit factors. Gond Katira has a long-term history being used as a herb in the Ayurvedic treatment of diseases like coughs. Gond Katira is a jelly-like crystal that is odorless and tasteless.

Regarding the nutritional value of Gond Katira, it is a rich source of energy, carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats. The complete nutritional profile of Gond Katira per 100g is as follows:

Calories 70
Total Fat 31.86g
Carbohydrates 35
Fibre 30g
Protein 9.51g
Fat 0
Sodium 9g

Gond Katira benefits and how it could benefit your health

With its nutrient profile, there are plenty of Gond Katira benefits that people can enjoy by making it a part of their diet during the summers. Let us elucidate all the Gond Katira benefits in detail!

1. Cool down your body and prevent heat strokes with Gond Katira

Quite Possibly the biggest Gond Katira benefit is that it is widely used as a cooling agent during the summers. Known for its cooling properties, Gond Katira is helpful in cooling down your body from the inside even in the scorching heat of summers. It is a widely used ingredient to prepare cool chillers and refreshing drinks like shikanji, milkshakes, ice cream, etc. during the summer. By taking refreshing drinks consisting of gond katira, you can keep your body cool for a long period of the day. When the sun starts to get harsh, you could be at risk of generating heat strokes which can be avoided by drinking gond katira drinks every day!

2. Gond Katira promotes healthy digestion

Gond Katira is rich in dietary fibre and consists of properties that help regulate the process of intestines and digestion. With Gond Katira, you ensure a healthy digestion system with smoother bowel movements and tackle various stomach & digestive diseases like constipation and diarrhoea. Although it is to be recommended that in order to avail the complete digestion benefits of Gond Katira, you must eat it with water and not raw as eating it raw could affect the intestines and cause side effects.

3. Gond Katira is beneficial for women during and post-pregnancy

Post-Pregnancy could prove to be really exhausting for a woman. She could remain weak for days and on top of taking care of a newborn baby. This could take a massive toll on her body, both physically and mental ways.

Studies have shown that Gond Katira is helpful in increasing the production of milk for lactating mothers that helps in healthy breastfeeding for their children.

This is where Gond Katira could prove to be a saving grace for women during and post-pregnancy. During pregnancy, a female body goes through an abundance of changes where it requires nutrients in excess. Gond Katira consists of all the essential nutrients that can help the woman stay healthy and strong during pregnancy.

Gond Katira is known for its energy-providing properties in the most natural way possible. It helps women recover their lost energy and strength, to help them physically and help regulate their blood flow to make them feel mentally refreshed.

4. Get a clear skin texture by eating Gond Katira

The key to glowing clear skin is not in cosmetics but rather in what you eat on a daily basis. God Katira is an edible that is made pure and consists of various antioxidant properties that help in cleansing the blood vessels and regenerating the dead skin cells on your face. This results in a clear and shiny skin texture, that will be devoid of dark spots, acne, skin pigmentation and wrinkles. Gond Katira is highly beneficial in getting rid of ageing signs on your face and providing your skin with the necessary nourishment to make it feel bright and youthful again.

5. Gond Katira is highly beneficial for males to help them recover their sensual vigour

Gond Katira is known for its aphrodisiac properties which means, it is highly beneficial for males to help them recover their sensual vigour and overcome any performance issues, weakness during the act of involuntary discharge. Males can take the milk and add dry fruits & berries along with 5-10gm of Gond Katira to avail of its complete performance boosting properties. Take it on a daily basis to completely recover your lost sensual vigour and confidence.

If a male is suffering from low sperm count or erectile dysfunction then Gond Katira could prove to be highly beneficial in curing such conditions. The recommended amount of gond katira for men are around 10g per day.

6. Boost your immunity with Gond Katira

There’s a reason Gond Katira is called a “wonder herb” for a reason. Its impressive nutrient profile enables it to be used in ayurvedic medical practices for years. As we discussed before, Gond Katira is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that help in nerve cell regeneration. Additionally, it helps in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check. All of these properties help boost the natural defence mechanism of the human body and keep away disease-carrying microorganisms, infections and bacteria. By eating Gond Katira, it can help keep your body safe from cough, cold, throat infection, etc.

7. Gond Katira helps in weight loss

If you are someone who is on a quest for weight loss then Gond Katira can help you big time by being a part of your diet. With its high energy content, Gond Katira helps in providing your body with energy to burn more calories and fasten up your metabolism. As we stated before, Gond Katira is a rich source of dietary fibre that will not only help boost a healthy digestive system but will also make you feel full and reduce your daily cravings. If you are someone who likes to work out, drink a glass of water with gond katira before or after a workout to remain full and energetic for your workout session and burn more calories in the process.

8. Eating Gond Katira can help relieve joint pains for you

Gond Katira is a rich source of magnesium and calcium that are known to be vital in developing strong bones and teeth growth in a body. You can either eat them with water or drinks or what you can do is blend them into a paste to apply to your joints to make your joint muscles and joints stronger and relieve any pain you have. This could be really beneficial for mature adults who are constantly dealing with joint pains.

Are there any side effects to Gond Katira?

Although gond katira reaps many healthy benefits, there are quite a few precautionary methods that should be taken care of if you wish to add it to your diet. Let us explain it in detail:

  • Since Gond Katira is sourced from plants, the biggest side effects it possesses are allergic reactions. Gond Katira consists of noxious glycosides that could prove to be really dangerous to people who are allergic to it. Eat it in small amounts to check if you are really allergic to Gond Katira or not.
  • Although not a side effect but rather a precautionary method, it is recommended that you always intake an adequate amount of water to drink with Gond Katira. If eaten as raw edibles, it could lead to blockage in your intestines.
  • Another side effect of gond katira includes a sort of breathing problem in select individuals. If you are someone who suffers from regular breathing problems, then you should avoid eating Gond Katira at all costs.
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How to use Gond Katira in your daily life

Gond Katira is a versatile ingredient that you can use in your daily life to avail yourself of a lot of its benefits. Let us explain how this wonder herb can prove to be a natural remedy in your daily life:

  • Use gond katira as an ingredient in regular water, lemonade, milkshakes, etc. to make your drink more refreshing and cool.
  • Ground gond katira into a paste to be used to treat burn marks.
  • You can use gond katira as a thickness agent to be added in sauce, paste, food and cuisines to add extra texture.
  • To get a good night and relaxed sleep, add gond katira to a warm glass of milk and drink it right before you sleep.


Sometimes, the best way to stay healthy and perform at the peak of your strength is to switch to eating more natural ingredients. Gond Katira has a long history of being a part of Indian tradition as an ingredient that is used in Indian cuisine, traditional drinks, ayurvedic use and blended into a paste to be used as a cosmetic procedure. This wonder herb is something that boasts an impressive nutrient profile that could prove to be really beneficial for adults in the long run. After listing all the Gond Katira benefits and uses, you should definitely try to add it to your diet and see the results for yourself! Shop for authentic and purest form and Buy Gond Katira online at Healthy Master shop right now!