Maharashtra Famous Foods: Must-Try Foods

maharashtra famous food

Maharashtra Famous Foods: Must-Try Foods 

Maharashtra is renowned for having a rich and varied culture, and this is evident in the food that it serves. Maharashtrian cuisine is a fusion of regional flavours, spices, and cooking methods that have been handed down through the years. 

The well-known dishes in Maharashtra, which range from hot and sour curries to sweet and appealing desserts, are not only delicious but also rich in culture and history. There are many different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Maharashtrian cuisine. 

The state's topography, climate, and cultural diversity all have an impact on the food. In this blog, we'll look at some of the most well-liked Maharashtra famous foods. 

Top 7 Healthy Maharashtrian Foods

1. Sol Kadhi

Sol Kadhi, a popular dish in Maharashtra, is a healthy and refreshing drink that is typically served as an appetiser. Made with fresh coconut milk and other locally grown ingredients like kokum, coriander, and green chillies, Sol Kadhi is a staple of the daily diets in the Konkan and Goan regions.  

The beverage is visually appealing and has a pleasing pink colour, in addition to its excellent taste. However, its numerous health advantages are what really make it good. It keeps the body cool and facilitates digestion. It has several probiotic components that are beneficial to health and shield the body from the negative effects of a hot environment.

2. Baked Bakarwadi 

Bakarwadi is a beloved Maharashtrian snack that has numerous health advantages in addition to tantalising the palate. When baked, the classic deep-fried snack loses its unhealthy oil content and takes on a more nutritious appearance. 

With gram flour, a blend of spices, and a touch of sweetness, this savoury snack is a guilt-free indulgence. Baking produces a crisp texture and keeps the real flavours. 

Baked Bakarwadi, which is high in protein and fibre, promotes digestive health and long-lasting energy. 

3. Poha 

must try Maharashtrian food

Poha is a  particular kind of rice that is flattened after the grains have been dehusked. Iron, vitamins, proteins, and fibre are just a few of the nutritional elements found in these grains. 

Hence, this well-liked Maharashtrian dish is regarded as the best choice for breakfast. It tastes better than cereal and can aid in weight loss.

There are variations of poha available. To illustrate, a lot of people cook it with onions (Kande pohe) and a lot of people add peanuts. It is an essential part of a Maharashtrian snack.

4. Sabudana Khichadi

Sabudana Khichadi is a tasty and healthy Maharashtrian dish that is cherished for its distinct flavour and advantages. Sabudana, or tapioca pearls, are sautéed with potatoes, peanuts, and flavorful spices in this classic dish. 

This dish is a nutritional powerhouse in addition to being a culinary marvel. Sabudana is a common option during fasting because it is high in carbohydrates and gives a rapid energy boost. 

The potatoes provide a hearty touch, and the peanuts offer protein and good fats. Sabudana Khichadi is a great option for people with dietary restrictions because it is gluten-free and easily digestible.

5. Aluchi Vadi

Aluchi Vadi, a well-liked savoury vegetarian snack from Maharashtra's Malvan region, is a culinary delight for everyone. The colocasia leaves are the main component of this dish. It is packed full of a delicious blend of rice flour, gram flour, jaggery, tamarind juice, and several spices. 

After that, the leaves are cut into slices and either steamed or fried. Both varieties are delicious, but the steamed vadi is a better option if you prefer eating healthy. The healthier version helps with digestion, increases energy, and strengthens muscles for overall well-being.

6. Modak

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Everyone's favourite traditional dish from Maharashtra, modak, is very well-known. Steamed to a soft and melt-in-your-mouth texture, the exterior of this sweet dumpling is made of rice flour filled with grated coconut and jaggery.

The steamed version is delicious and the most authentic and traditional, though some people prefer it fried. These treats give you a boost of energy and sate your sweet tooth. 

Typically prepared on Ganesh Chaturthi, modaks are a crucial component of the offerings presented to Lord Ganesha.

7. Thalipeeth

famous foods of Maharshtra

For the people of Maharashtra, thalipeeth is one of the foods highest in protein. It is a multigrain bread made with wheat, rice, bajra, jowar, chana, urad, and other ingredients.  In addition, green vegetables like coriander and cumin seeds are used. 

It is among the most delicious traditional dishes from Maharashtra. Its high fibre and high protein profile aid in digestion and encourage a full sensation. 


The variety of appetising and nutritious foods is a tribute to the health-conscious aspects and traditions of Maharashtrian cuisine. These dishes offer a symphony of flavours that speak to the soul, from the refreshing drink sol kadhi to the nutrient-packed goodness of Thalipeeth. 

In addition to satisfying cravings, they celebrate the integration of flavour and nutrition by taking mindful eating into account. Visit Healthy Master for a wide range of healthy snack products.