What are the various Mamra Almonds benefits? Its nutrient value, and why you should add it to your diet.

What are the various Mamra Almonds benefits? Its nutrient value, and why you should add it to your diet.

“Explaining the various Mamra Almonds benefits, its nutrient profile and how it is beneficial for one’s health.”

Everyone is familiar with the benefits of Almonds or Badam and nearly everyone has made them a staple part of their diet in order to remain healthy have a strong body immune system. But not everyone is familiar that Almonds come in various types and each contains a different nutrient profile compared to others. Among these various types of almonds are - Mamra Almonds, also known as Mamra Badam. Although they may seem like regular almonds, they boast a higher nutrition value in comparison.

Let us brief you on the various Mamra Almonds benefits and how you can make it a part of your diet to stay healthy!

What are Mamra Almonds and how are they different than regular almonds?

These types of almonds are an Iranian specialty that has a different cervical shape as compared to almonds. Taste-wise, these almonds are much crunchier and crispy than regular almonds thus popularly getting the name of “Mamra” (Murmura in Hindi) to describe its snack-like taste and texture. Mamra almonds are also lighter in weight in comparison to regular almonds.

While most Mamra Almonds are imported from the lands of Iran & Afghanistan, the Indian region of Kashmir is also known for producing fine quality Mamra Badam. These almonds were a popular edible for the royalties in history and also today, Mamra Badam is the most expensive type of almonds available in the market.

The production of mamra almonds is quite expensive and time-consuming where it only consists 5% of the overall almonds production in the world. The mamra almonds imported from Iran are suggestively high in price but the ones imported from Kashmir could also prove to be quite costly.

The nutrient profile of Mamra Almonds

On top of boasting the similar nutritional values of regular almonds, the Mamra Almonds contain nearly double the amount of oil in comparison. These are considered good kind of monosaturated oils that is highly beneficial in lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and raising the good cholesterol.

Mamra almonds are rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, iron, fiber, and magnesium while containing necessary Vitamins like Vitamin B1, B2, P, and E. Eating a handful of mamra almonds also provides your body with a good amount of energy for your day.

Speaking of nutritional value, 100g of Mamra Almonds contains 609 kcal, 3.4g of carbohydrates, 18g protein, 58g of fat, 13g of dietary fiber, 2.3g of sugar, and 1.5g of sodium. In comparison to regular almonds, they are higher in dietary fiber, protein while also boasting a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids but also significantly higher in calories and fat.

Discussing the various Mamra Almonds benefits:

The nutritious profile of this delicious edible has led to people making use of mamra almonds benefits by adding them to their diet and enjoying various immunity-boosting properties. Let's discuss the mamra badam benefits in detail;

Mamra Almonds are highly beneficial in lowering cholesterol

Probably the biggest factor that makes mamra almonds stand out from regular almonds is that they are 100% cholesterol-free. Mamra almonds contain a much higher amount of monosaturated oils that help in lowering bad cholesterol in a body while also raising healthy cholesterol.

Doctors recommend cholesterol patients include mamra almonds in their diet to get rid of their high cholesterol problems.

Improves brain functionality

In Indian households, it is very well established that eating almonds is highly beneficial for improving the neuron system functionality and boosting your brain health. Mamra Almonds consist of essential nutrients that ease your neural nerves and improve the performance of one’s brain and mind in general.

Mamra almonds reduce the risk of various heart diseases and boost heart-health

Along with lowering cholesterol and calming down the neural system, Mamra Almonds has inflammatory properties that are crucial in keeping a healthy heart and elude it from various heart diseases like strokes, heart attack, etc. Doctors recommend heart patients add mamra almonds to their diet and eat it every day to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Strengthens the bones and teeth while relieving joint-pain

Mamra almonds contain a rich amount of Vitamin E and Phosphorus that is essential in strengthening bones and teeth. These nutrient factors are also helpful in getting rid of joint pains. It is recommended for people with joint pains to add mamra almonds to their diet and strengthen their bones.

Helps in muscle growth and weight management

Mamra Almonds are a rich source of vegan plant-based protein that every gym enthusiast can add to their diet in order to help them in muscle growth. Although by nutrition value, mamra almonds may be seen as quite high in calories and fat, these are a good amount of fats that help you make feel full for a long period of time and reduce your cravings. If eaten in the right amount, people can use mamra almonds to help them in weight loss or weight management. But it is recommended to not overeat these almonds as it could have an opposite effect and you might end up increasing weight.

Mamra almonds improve the digestive system

Being rich in high fiber properties, eating Mamra Almonds every day could prove to be highly effective in improving one’s digestive system that resulting in smoother bowel movements. High fiber is also essential in promoting a healthier gut in the body. Although it is recommended to eat them in control as overeating mamra almonds could ironically lead to numerous gastrointestinal diseases.

Eating mamra almonds is highly beneficial for a pregnant woman and her baby

During pregnancy, it is vital that the mother-to-be is receiving all the essential nutrients that keep her healthy without having any side effects on her baby. Mamra Almonds are something doctors recommend as their nutrients factors provides pregnant women with various healthy boosting benefits from keeping bones healthy to treating constipation. Studies have also shown that eating mamra almonds during pregnancy could result in babies being at a lower risk of being diagnosed with nut allergies. Eating mamra almonds also helps babies born with healthier hair growth.

Lowers high blood pressure levels

Mamra Almonds are recommended for people who struggle with high blood pressure levels. These almonds are already known to ease down the neuron nerves thus helping you to stay calm but mamra almonds are also rich in sodium and potassium that are helpful in lowering down blood pressure and keeping them in check. It is suggested to eat mamra almonds after soaking them in water.

Mamra almonds help you get a glowing skin

Besides the immunity-boosting profile, Mamra Almonds consist of a few cosmetic benefits as well. Mamra Almonds are rich in nutrients that are helpful in getting you glowing and radiating skin. By lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, mamra almonds can repair dead skin cells on your face and give a clear and radiating skin glow.

Mamra Almonds are helpful in boosting overall body immunity

Our body is in constant need of being provided with essential nutrients in order to maintain a natural defense mechanism to fend off various diseases, viruses, and bacteria caused by microorganisms. By making mamri almonds a regular part of your diet, you are sure to provide your body with regular nutrients to keep you healthy. One of the biggest mamri almonds benefits is that during winters, eating them will help you keep your body warm and keep away winter irregularities like coughing, sore throat, cold, etc. away. You can also add almonds to a warm glass of milk to use as a detoxification agent and cleanse your body from toxins.

Are there any disadvantages of eating mamra almonds?

Now you might be wondering if eating something that brings you various health benefits could bring you any risks? The answer is yes, nothing is ever truly healthy and the case remains the same with mamra almonds. Putting the ideal mamra almonds benefits aside, there are a few things you ought to consider before adding them to your diet. Most of the concerns regarding mamra almonds consist of overdosing on these edibles, but the common problem remains that a person could start having allergic reactions to not only almonds, but also to their fellow nuts family as well.

Since mamra almonds are rich in a high fiber, eating too much of them could lead to digestive problems, constipation, bloating, stomach pain, or diarrohea. Another side effect we have already discussed earlier is how mamra almonds are quite high in calories and fat content, so if not eaten in a minimal amount it could lead to weight gain.


Mamra Almonds are something one should definitely consider making a part of their daily diet especially for diabetics, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and heart patients. Not only are they highly beneficial in boosting your natural body defenses they also consist of other health factors for your brain, hair, skin, and bones as well.

While the most popular and widely consumed mamra almonds are imported from Iran, the ones imported from Kashmir are also of the utmost quality with a similar nutrient profile as well. You can find both varieties on Healthy Master today!

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