Nutrition factors of Green Raisins, their benefits, uses, disadvantages, and how one can make them a part of their diet

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“Discussing the various benefits of eating Green Raisins and how one can use them by adding them in their favorite meals through this blog”

Everyone loves at least one edible from the dry fruits family, right? That statement could be up for people who either wish to eat healthy or they like to eat tasty. Normally, dry fruits are tasty to eat but there are few who simply either don’t like their nutty taste or don’t know if they are actually beneficial for them.

One such member of a dry fruit family that is universally loved especially in India is - Green Raisins or more prominently known as “kismis”. These delicious edibles carry a sweet taste within them that is cherished by people of all ages.

Known for being quite sugary, Green Raisins are widely used as a garnishing agent in traditional sweet drinks and various homemade meals meant for healthy nutritional factors like smoothies, oatmeal, etc.

But still, most people who are on a strict diet tend to avoid Green Raisins due to their sugary taste, and those who love their taste, are used to binge eating them under no consideration. Although they might be sweet in taste, Green Kismis needs to eat sensibly if you wish to procure their complete benefits.

Let’s discuss Green kismis in detail as we will tell you about their benefits, uses disadvantages, nutrition, and how they help you get healthier!

What are Green Raisins and how are they made?

Kismis is actually the dried form of grapes that are completely dried out of their water content by being left to dry out in the sun or using a food dehydrator.

Green Raisins, like the name suggests, are sun dried out from green grapes unlike Golden Raisins processed with sulfur dioxide in a dehydrator. While most dry fruits are known for their crunchy and salty taste, kismis are known for their seedless texture, soft, and sweet taste that really makes them stand out from rest of the nuts & berries family.

While you can also make Raisins at your own home by drying out the raw grapes, your resulting kismis might lack in nutritional or taste factor because the drying out process needs a strict eye watch to make sure it is going smoothly. One wrong step could result in your homemade raisins losing their nutrition value which is something you sure want to avoid.

Raisins are a great form of natural sweet snacks that can be replaced with regular chocolates and sweets that might be bad for your health.

Besides from well eaten as raw in the form of daily snacks, Raisins can be used in varieties as compared to other dry fruits. Green Raisins are often used in
cooking, baking, and brewing also while being used as a garnishing agent for
sweet dishes. Known as a natural source of sugar, people use green raisins to add flavor to their nutrition meals. Raisins are widely used by various FMCG
companies to make eating products like Breakfast Cereals, cookies, muffins,
cakes, bread, and many more!

The nutritional value of Green Raisins

Raisins are known for being rich in energy-providing nutrients. Per 100g of Raisins will provide you with nearly 300 calories that will keep you energized for a good part of the day. The deal-breaker here could be that per 100g, Raisins consist of 65g of sugar content which is considerably higher than other dry fruits in comparison. But the sugar obtained from raisins is natural sugars, unlike white sugar is quite unhealthy for the body.

Raisins are also extremely rich in calcium consisting of 62mg of calcium per 100g. They also consist of a great number of essential nutrients per 100g like protein which is 3.3g, along with 4.5g of dietary fiber, 2.3mg of Vitamin C, 98mg of Phosphorus, and 1.8mg of Iron. The other nutrition obtained from Raisins is Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Zinc, and Sodium.

The various Green Raisins benefits:

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Green Raisins Benefits

Below are the few benefits that you can obtain from eating Raisins.

1. Green Raisins helps your bones get stronger

Being a rich source of Calcium, Vitamin D, and Phosphorus, Raisins are extremely beneficial in keeping your bones healthy and strong. These nutrients are also highly beneficial in overcoming joint pains.

Raisins can also help you in preventing the case of “osteoporosis”, a condition where bones grow weaker with growing age. Along with bones, teeth also benefit highly from the consumption of raisins.

2. Rich in antioxidants, raisins help in treating cell damage.

Raisins are extremely rich in antioxidants that are vital in cleaning up your cells and increasing the flow of blood in your body. Antioxidants are helpful in repairing cell damage which incidentally has an effect on the immunity system of your body. With a healthy immunity system, your body will be well equipped to defend against various disease-carrying microorganisms.

3. Raisins help in lowering cholesterol levels in your body

Raisins are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that are vital in lowering the bad cholesterol in the body and raising good cholesterol. Good cholesterol levels help in promoting a healthy heart that will be at ease from getting diagnosed with various heart diseases like stroke.

4. Kismis helps in smoother digestion

For smoother digestion and a healthy gut, high fiber is extremely essential that is easily obtained from eating raisins. Being high in fiber, raisins help in healthy digestion and help you have smoother bowel movements. This is also helpful in promoting a healthy gut system.

5. Raisins help you get a clear skin

High white sugar content in your nerves could lead to your skin developing rashes or acnes along with an uneven skin texture. By switching to the more natural sweet alternative like Raisins, it could help the sugar content in your nerves get in control that will lead to smoother pimple-free skin. It will also give you a clearer skin texture.

6. Raisins can help in the treatment of various diseases like Iron deficiency

With the rich presence of Iron in kismis, Doctors heavily recommend people with Iron deficiency to add it to their diet as it is beneficial for them to get over it. Raisins can also help in the treatment of Anemia in people along with making a higher amount of red blood cells.

7. Raisins are the perfect sweet snack replacement for children

If you have children then you should know how hard it is to make them resist eating sweets. Regular consumption of processed foods with a high amount of sugar could have a negative effect on their health. But what you can do is replace their daily snacks with Raisins or meals made from them. Children are sure to love the sweet and savory taste of Raisins and it is a great way to make sure that their taste buds stay satisfied along with their body receiving essential nutrients for their growth.

What are the disadvantages of eating Green Raisins?

Unlike most dry fruits, the biggest risk of eating Raisins is that it could lead to unnecessary weight gain. Since raisins contain a high amount of calories and sugar, if not eaten in moderation, could affect your weight. Most dry fruits are recommended to be eaten in moderation if they are to be consumed with the aim of weight loss but with Raisins, the risk of weight gain is significantly higher in comparison. You can easily use raisins with the aim to lose weight but only if you consume them in a much more controlled and strict amount.

The other potential risks of eating raisins are the case of gastrointestinal diseases. Since raisins are quite high in fiber, overconsumption of raisins could lead to various stomach diseases like gas, stomach pain, bloating, and cramps.

One main concern remains that a lot of producers use pesticides during the process of drying grapes in order to make raisins. It is recommended that you only consume organic raisins from a trusted source. Don’t worry! Healthy Master is here to provide you with organic raisins for you. Buy organic green raisins online here!

How you can eat Green Raisins and make them a part of your diet?

Apart from eating as raw snacks, there are plenty of ways you can eat green raisins. You can replace them with white sugar and use them as natural sweeteners for various meals like-

Smoothies: No one can resist smoothies but a flavorless smoothie doesn’t sound tasty at all. You can use raisins to add more flavor to your smoothie shakes along with extra nutrients that are beneficial for your body.

Oatmeal: People either eat spicy oatmeal but the ones who are more health-conscious prefer to eat their oatmeal plain and simple. With raisins, you can add extra flavor to your oatmeals and make them more delicious and nutritious to eat.

Salads: You can also add raisins to a nice bowl of salad and complete a meal of immense nutrition for your body.

Breakfast Cereal: Most health-conscious FMCG companies tend to use raisins in their products like mueslis or yogurt, but they mostly use black or gold raisins. You can make your own muesli at home by combining various nuts and seeds, corn flakes, and of course, by adding raisins to enhance its taste.


Raisins are something which you should definitely add to your diet as it only provides essential nutrients to your body but also gives you the option to eat tasty and sweet meals instead of those made with white sugar that is unhealthy for your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Green Raisins

Answering some of the most widely asked questions about Green Raisins on the web:

Q. What happens if you eat raisins every day?

A. Eating raisins every day could help boost your body immunity along with treating various diseases like Iron deficiency, anemia, and heart strokes. But if you aim to eat raisins every day then make sure you eat them in moderation or it could result in side effects.

Q. What are the side effects of eating raisins?

A. Common side effects of raisins include an increase in weight due to them being high in calories and sugar. The other side effects are gastrointestinal diseases due to their richness in fiber. But it goes without saying that you can avoid these side effects if you eat raisins in moderation.

Q. Who should not take raisins?

A. Although raisins are healthy and safe to eat, people with high blood pressure or sugar levels should aim to avoid raisins in their diet due to their high sugar content.

Q. What color raisins are the best?

A. Raisins are obtained from grapes and thus come in a variety of the same colors of grapes they are available in. They are available as Gold Raisins, Green Raisins, Black Raisins, etc. with all of them having a similar nutrient profile but Gold Raisins consists higher amount of flavonoids in comparison.

Q. What are green raisins used for?

A. Green raisins are the sweetest form of raisins that can not only be eaten as regular snacks but be used to add flavor to a variety of meals like oatmeal, smoothies, desserts, etc.

Q. How many raisins to eat daily?

A. This totally depends on your daily calorie intake but the recommended number of raisins to be eaten daily is around 20-25 pieces per day to make sure your body gets enough nutrients from them.

Q. Are raisins good for hair?

A. Yes! Raisins are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids that contain essential nutrients required to maintain strong hair growth while avoiding hair fall.

Q. Can raisins cause pimples?

A. NO! It is a common misconception that due to raisins being sweet to eat, they might cause pimples which is false. On the contrary, raisins can help get your sugar levels in check that helps you get clear and smooth skin.