An overview of various Soy Nuts health benefits and how eating them is beneficial for you

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“Analyzing the various soy nuts health benefits, how your body can gain immense energy and health by making it a part of your diet along with their uses and side-effects.”

Dry Fruits are considered to be full of nutrition benefits but they also have their fair share of side-effects if overeaten. A major amount of the population have already made dry fruits a big part of their daily diet in the quest to boost their body immunity but the ones who haven’t are normally concerned about their high calorie and fat content along with various gastrointestinal diseases it could bring.

The solution for tackling these concerns comes in the form of “Soy Nuts”. Often confused to be a part of the dry fruits and nuts family, Soya Nuts are crunchy and tasty edibles that carry a ton of health benefits without the side-effects that come with dry fruits. Boasting a terrific nutrient profile, Soy Nuts are a great alternative to dry fruits that can help boost your body immunity and fight the effects and risks of numerous diseases.

Soy Nuts are a rich source of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and plant compounds called isoflavones. They are highly beneficial for lowering cholesterol, promoting bone and heart health along with aiding in weight loss.

Let us discuss the various Soy Nuts benefits through this blog:

What are Soy Nuts and how are they made?

Soya Nuts are obtained from mature soybeans that are soaked overnight, dried out, or roasted. Carrying a nutty texture with them, most soy nuts are prepared with an addition of salty flavors to them. They look like roasted peanuts that can be eaten as a snack or can be used as a garnishing agent for a variety of dishes like salad toppings, etc. Soya Nuts can be easily grounded to make nut butter just like peanuts as well.

The nutrition profile of Soya Nuts

The major Soy Nuts benefits are that they are a rich source of plant protein that is low in calories and contains no cholesterol. Along with that they also carry a profile of essential nutrients that your body can be highly benefitted from. They are high in fiber, antioxidants, polyunsaturated fat, and omega-3 fatty acids that are vital in boosting the natural defenses of the human body to fight various infections and diseases.

The complete Soy Nuts nutrition profile per 100g is depicted below:

Total Calories 471 Kcal
Total Fat 25g
Polyunsaturated Fat 14g
Monounsaturated Fat 5g
Protein 35g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 163mg
Carbohydrates 33mg
Dietary Fiber 17g
Sugar 4g
Calcium 138mg
Iron 3.9mg
Potassium 1470mg
Vitamin A 10mcg
Vitamin C 2.2mg

The various Soy Nuts health benefits

With an impressive nutrient profile along with being risk-free from certain factors that come with eating dry fruits, Soy Nuts are a great alternative that can offer you the same advantages of eating anything from the nut family and help boost body immunity. Let us discuss the various Soy Nuts benefits and how you can benefit from making a part of your diet:

1. Soy Nuts helps lower cholesterol in your body and boost heart health

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of Soy Nuts is that it is 100% cholesterol-free and can help in keeping the cholesterol levels of your body in check. It is extremely rich in polyunsaturated fats that are highly beneficial in lowering LDL or commonly known as bad cholesterol in your body while raising good cholesterol. Someone who is suffering from cholesterol issues is highly recommended to add Soy Nuts to their diet by doctors alike.

As we have already established, being a rich source of antioxidants is a great way to repair cell damage in the nervous system and improve the flow of red blood cells. Along with the anti-inflammatory properties of soya nuts, they are also highly beneficial in promoting heart health. Soy Nuts are also a source of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for the body to aid in avoiding the various risks of heart diseases like heart stroke.

2. Soy Nuts help in muscle growth

Being extremely rich in protein, Soy Nuts are considered to be a great edible for people who want to grow muscles. Soy nuts carry significantly higher amounts of protein as compared to any dry fruit and can help in steady growth of muscles. You can eat Soy Nuts before or after your workout routine to help in getting your muscles strong.

3. Soy Nuts help in weight-loss

As we talked about in the previous point, the high protein content in soya nuts are also extremely beneficial in aiding people in weight-loss. Edibles of high protein value help you feel fulfilled and reduce your cravings in your quest to lose weight. Soy Nuts are also significantly lower in calories as compared to dry fruits, where overeating them could, on the contrary, result in weight-gain but that is not the case with Soy Nuts. You can eat a good amount of Soy Nuts every day without the risk of gaining weight upon overeating.

4. Helps repair cell damage that helps boost immunity

One of the biggest Soy Nuts benefits is that it is a rich source of antioxidants that helps in repairing cell damages in the nervous system. A strong nervous system helps in building a strong overall body immunity by fending off diseases-causing microorganisms and bacterias. They also result in a better flow of red blood cells and improve the overall metabolism of the body.

5. Soy Nuts are highly beneficial for women

A woman’s body is considerably prone to diseases during certain parts of their lives including menopause. During menopause, a woman goes through decrease in estrogen levels in her body along with constant mood swings and hot flashes. Soy is known to be a rich source of estrogen and helps in elevating the hormone levels in a woman’s body. With the antioxidant properties it also helps in relaxation of the nerves and helps the woman feel calmer.

Another case where soy nuts could prove to be quite beneficial for women is during pregnancies. A woman’s body during the state of pregnancy is quite sensitive and prone to various risks. Beside maintaining her daily consumption of essential nutrients to ensure a healthy delivery of the baby without any birth defects, a woman is considered to go through a state of weakness, gastrointestinal diseases and constipation. Soy Nuts are a great edible that pregnant women could add to their diet as it can provide them with all the essential nutrient requirements of their body, calm their nerves and mood.

Women with PCOS disorder could also be benefitted highly with the consumption of soy as soy can be helpful in protection of oxidative damage in their bodies. Eating soy could improve the fertility rate for women with PCOS.

6. Soy Nuts helps in healthier digestion and promotes healthy gut system

Soy Nuts are extremely rich in dietary fiber that helps in better breakdown of food that results in a healthier digestion process along with smoother bowel movements. It also helps promote an overall gut health while fighting conditions like constipation.

Fiber is something which is also present in other dry fruit and nuts families but overconsumption could lead to effects of constipation. That is not the case with Soy Nuts as on the contrary, it not only helps in promoting better digestion but fight the effects of constipation rather than fighting it.

7. Helps make the bones healthy

Just like most dry fruits, soy nuts are extremely rich in nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and phosphorus that are vital in keeping the bones healthy. Soy Nuts can also be helpful in treatment of joint and knee pains as they not only make the bones stronger but also the joint muscles. Along with bones, they also make teeth healthy and strong.

8. Soy Nuts may stop the growth of cancer-causing cells

One of the biggest benefits of soy nuts is that it is known to fight the growth of numerous cancer cells due to its rich antioxidant properties. The antioxidant can help remove the free radicals from the body that, if overlooked, could grow into deadly cancer cells or tumors. One common misconception about soy is that it could lead to the growth of breast cancer which is not the case. Eating soy could instead help in destroying the breast cancer cells in the body.

Are there any side-effects to eating soy nuts?

We have talked about the various soy nut benefits, but it won’t be fair to say that soy nuts don't come with their own side-effects. The major side-effect of eating soy nuts majorly occurs in men. Due to soy being extremely rich in estrogen value, it could have a negative effect on a man’s body and hormonal balance like lowering testosterones.

Other disadvantages include that overeating soy for pregnant women could have an effect on their bodies and their baby may be born and grow up with nut allergies. This could also raise the levels of soy during breastfeeding which could prove to be a risk if the baby is male. Soy is something that is not recommended for younger children whether they are male or female.

The other common side-effects of soy nuts consumption include inconsistent farting, itchy throat, slow breakdown of protein, allergic reactions and mineral deficiency.

How you can make soy nuts a part of your diet

Roasted soya nut image used in the post "An overview of various Soy Nuts health benefits and how eating them is beneficial for you"
Roasted Soya Nuts

Being crunchy and salty in flavor, soy nuts are a delicious choice to be eaten as daily snacks. They not only make you feel full but also provide essential nutrients to your body and boost its natural immunity.

Apart from being eaten as daily snacks, soy nuts come in different varieties like salted, spicy or even plain which can also be used in:

Oatmeal: Using soy nuts as a garnishing agent can only only increase the protein value of oatmeal but also make it more tasty.

Salad dressing: A good old salad bowl is incomplete without the addition of protein which can be fulfilled with the addition of soy nuts.

Pasta: Pasta is a meal that can be easily made healthy with toppings like soy nuts can easily enhance the flavor and taste of a good pasta meal.

Soy butter: Soy nuts could be easily grounded to make butter similar to peanut butter that can be served on bread as a breakfast meal.

Smoothies: Plain soy nuts can be a great addition of ingredients to make protein rich smoothies to help boost immunity.

If you want to know more about the quantity of soy nuts that you should eat along with how you can make it a part of your daily meals then you can contact our nutritionist today!


Soy Nuts are a great alternative that you can make a part of your diet to provide essential nutrients to your body and boost body immunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Soya Nuts

Q. Are soy nuts good for you?

A. Yes, Soy Nuts are a protein rich source that are extremely beneficial in lowering cholesterol, managing diabetes, help in weight loss and promote a healthy heart.

Q. Are Soybeans and Soy Nuts the same?

A. No, Soy Nuts are derived from mature soybeans that are then soaked with added flavors making them much crunchier and salty in taste.

Q. What are the negative effects of soy?

A. The main negative cause of soy occurs for males as it could lead to hormonal imbalance in their body. The other side effects include allergic reaction and throat itching.

Q. Who should not eat soy?

A. People who are diagnosed with either type of thyroid disorder should restrain themselves from eating soy based products along with people who are allergic to nuts. Soy is also not recommended to younger children no matter male or female.

Q. Are soy nuts tasty?

A. Yes, soy nuts are extremely delicious and crunchy to eat that come in various varieties like salted, plain and spicy.

Q. Do soy nuts raise estrogen levels?

A. Yes, soy is rich in phytoestrogen that raises the estrogen levels in a human body. While males could face side effects, it is beneficial for women especially during time like their menopause or pregnant state.

Q. Are soy nuts good for weight loss?

A. Yes, soy nuts are low in calories and fat. They are also rich in protein and fiber that helps you in weight loss.