5 Amazing watermelon seeds benefits - [No more Spitting Contest]

Water melon seeds benefits

“If you swallow the watermelon seeds, a tree will grow inside your stomach.”

Remember the first time you were eating watermelon? And your parents or your grandparents said this to you. Since then, you are throwing away the watermelon seeds even though you know it’s a myth, Right?

But with this, you are missing out on many watermelon seeds benefits for your health. This blog will show you why you shouldn't throw away watermelon seeds.

Watermelon Seeds benefits and nutrients

Watermelon seeds are power packed with nutrients. To use watermelon seeds nutrition you have to soak them and sprout them. Only then, you will be able to get the nutrition. This is because they are covered by black outer covering.

In the table below you will see watermelon seeds nutrition. You will also see their daily intake and their presence in watermelon seeds.


The amount present in 1 cup of watermelon seeds

Daily Intake



1,800 – 3,000

Carbohydrate (g)

11.6, including 9.6 g of sugar


Fiber (g)


22.4 – 33.6

Calcium (millgrams [mg])


1,000 – 1,200

Phosphorus (mg)



Magnesium (mg)


320 – 420

Potassium (mg)



Vitamin C (mg)


75 – 90

Folate (mcg, DFE)



Choline (mg)


425 – 550

Vitamin A, RAE (mcg)


700 – 900

Beta carotene (mcg)


30000 - 300000

Lutein & zeaxanthin (mcg)

12.3 mcg

10000, 2000

Lycopene (mcg)


8000 - 21000

Phytosterols (mg)



Now that you have gone through the table, let’s see what are the health benefits of watermelon seeds.

1) Benefits to Skin

One of the watermelon seeds benefits is that they cleanse your skin. Watermelon seeds are rich in Vitamin C, which is an antioxidant. They are also beneficial in their roasted form.

The roasted watermelon seeds have the following benefits -

  • It prevents acne
  • Keeps your skin hydrated & moisturized
  • Prevents dullness
  • Prevents early signs of aging

These seeds have vitamin c which helps in the production of collagen. Collagen keeps your skin elastic. The magnesium that is present in these seeds improves appearance.

If you have skin conditions like eczema then watermelon seeds can be helpful. Since they keep the skin hydrated, you will be freed from itching sensation and dryness.

Under watermelon seeds benefits you can also include the benefit of their oil. It is made for external use and blocks your pores and prevents acne.

2) Make your hair strong

Nutrients like iron, copper, protein, and zinc are important for hair. They improve the quality of your hair and prevent hair loss. Copper increases the production of melanin whereas protein keeps your hair strong. It is also responsible for hair growth. Magnesium prevents breakage and split ends.

Watermelon seeds are rich in all the above nutrients. That is why strong hairs are a part of watermelon seeds benefits.

3) Control blood sugar levels

Watermelon seeds are rich in magnesium. Magnesium handles the breakdown of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is another nutrient that when broken down gives sugar. Magnesium controls the breaking down of carbohydrates. This slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. This controls blood sugar levels.

Another reason why blood sugar levels fluctuate is because of insulin resistance. These seeds should be a part of the diet of a diabetic patient. This is because Watermelon seeds benefits also include lowering the resistance to insulin.

4) Protect from osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition of weak bones. The bone density also reduces. Patience with osteoporosis has a larger chance of bone fracture. If you want to keep your bones healthy, add these seeds to your diet. They have high levels of magnesium. In one cup of watermelon seeds, there is 15.4 mg of magnesium.

Magnesium can protect your bones from deterioration. These seeds are also rich in copper and manganese. Both these nutrients are good for bones. That is why protection from osteoporosis is a part of watermelon seeds benefits.

5) Boosts energy levels

Watermelon seeds are rich in healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids in them handle calories. This makes these calories beneficial for you. Since energy comes from calories these are beneficial for you. They will improve your metabolism and help you maintain your energy.

How to use watermelon seeds?

Now that you have seen the health benefits of watermelon seeds, let’s see how you can add them to your diet. The first step to utilizing the watermelon seeds benefits is to roast them. You can do this by keeping them in the oven with olive oil. Let them heat for 10 minutes at 176 degrees Celsius. Once you have roasted them you can eat them as a snack. If you want to satisfy your taste buds then try making these -

  • Watermelon seeds rice
  • Watermelon seeds Barfi
  • Watermelon seeds Bar


Now that you are familiar with watermelon seeds benefits, we hope you will not throw them away. The best way to eat watermelon seeds is by sprouting them or by roasting them. The method is a bit long and requires hard work. But you cannot ignore the benefits. 

Heath benefits of watermelon seeds include glowing skin and hair growth. They also help in regulating blood pressure and boost energy levels. They also prevent Osteoporosis.

So don’t miss out on these benefits. Start adding them to your diet using the methods given in the blog.