Ajwain Seeds Benefits - Healthy Master

Ajwain Seeds Benefits - Healthy Master

The Trachyspermum ammi plant yields Ajwain seeds, which are highly valued for their numerous health advantages and adaptable culinary applications. These small seeds, which are rich in essential oils, have powerful qualities that support general health. 

Ajwain seeds are still widely used in many cuisines as a traditional medicine since they combine taste and numerous health advantages.

Healthy Master provides several snack options that contain ajwain and make great on-the-go snacks. In this blog, we shall look at the top 7 benefits of Ajwain seeds.

Nutritional Value Of Ajwain Seeds

Given below is the nutritional value of ajawain seeds per 100 gram: 




305 kcal


16.25 g


25.6 g

Saturated fat

6.2 g

Monounsaturated fat

5.1 g

Polyunsaturated fat

10.8 g


43.8 g

Dietary fibre

38.4 g


0.6 g

Thiamine (B1)

0.4 mg

Riboflavin (B2)

0.3 mg

Niacin (B3)

1.6 mg

Vitamin C

21 mg


1196 mg


16.6 mg


369 mg


175 mg


1260 mg


170 mg


2.5 mg

Promote Digestion And Relieve Stomach Problems 


The best homemade treatment for your stomach issues is ajwain seeds. Ajwain's active enzymes promote better digestion by releasing gastric fluids more easily. Additionally, it aids in the prevention and treatment of persistent indigestion issues like nausea, gas in the stomach, and distension. 

Ajwain seeds may be quite beneficial for treating intestinal and stomach ulcers, according to certain research. 

Treats Common Colds And Coughs  

Cold and Coughs

When used for colds and coughs, ajwain acts as a decongestant. Ajwain facilitates mucus discharge, which clears the blocked nose. It works wonders to clear blocked nasal passages. It also facilitates better lung airflow, which makes it a great treatment for bronchitis and asthma.  

Regulates Blood Pressure

One of the main risk factors for heart disease and stroke is uncontrolled blood pressure. Traditional medicine uses ajwain to treat high blood pressure. Ajwain contains the active plant enzyme thymol, a potent calcium channel blocker. 

Keeping calcium out of the heart's blood arteries lowers blood pressure by relaxing and enlarging the blood vessels. Ayurveda claims that Ajwain has antihypertensive qualities that effectively reduce the symptoms of high blood pressure.

Enhances Skin Health

Rich in anti-inflammatory and restorative qualities, ajwain is used to cure sun-induced oxidative free radical damage, which in turn heals a variety of ageing symptoms, including wrinkles, fine lines, spots, dark circles, and so on. It also gives the skin a smooth, radiant appearance and is quite helpful in lightening acne and pimple scars.

Arrests Premature Greying of Hair

The medicinal ingredients in ajwain are very helpful in preserving hair's original colour and delaying future greying. Because of its antibacterial properties, it also heals dandruff, itching, and a variety of scalp and hair illnesses, including folliculitis. Additionally, it strengthens the hair strands from the roots up, increases blood circulation, and provides vital nutrients to the hair follicles.

Helps Fight Infections

Due to their antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiparasitic qualities, ajwain seeds are an excellent remedy for infections that cause colds, flu, and coughs. If someone has one of these infections, they should drink ajwain water to speed up their recovery. This is also one of the reasons why ajwain water is so well-liked by Indians worldwide.

Helps in Maintaining Gut Health

gut health

Taking care of gut health is one of Ajwain's benefits. You could try Ajwain water if you have stomach problems and frequently experience cramps or soreness in your abdomen. Better digestion is encouraged when ajwain water is consumed on an empty stomach since it helps to activate the gut's enzymes. Improved digestion prevents acidity and bowel movement problems.

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

If you do suffer from excruciating pains during your period and you find it difficult to get out of bed when you're in a lot of pain, Ajwain, nevertheless, is the ideal remedy for your issue. In addition to being exceptionally high in fibre, they are also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Ajwain is a powerful anti-inflammatory and effective pain reliever.

Side Effects of Ajwain Seeds

After discussing the advantages of Ajwain, it's critical to understand the drawbacks of Ajwain seeds. Since each ingredient has advantages and disadvantages, it is best to use them sparingly. The fact that ajwain seeds are good for our organs does not imply that one can consume them in excess. The following are the adverse effects:

  • Overdosing on ajwain seeds can produce gas in the stomach, which can aggravate reflux and acidity.
  • Ajwain seeds contain thymol, which can result in adverse symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.
  • Carotenoids have been shown to impact foetal development; hence, pregnant women should avoid them.
  • Supplements containing ajwain may worsen bleeding during and after surgery.

The best ways to add ajwain to the diet

You can add ajwain to your diet in the following ways:

In a slightly warm glass, the optimum time to drink ajwain water as a detox is first thing in the morning.

Applying ajwain oil to the belly button can help with digestion. It's very simple to execute.

When preparing curries and vegetables, ajwain can be added to improve the flavour and make the food easier for the body to digest.

Additionally, adding ajwain seeds to the dough for chapatis, paranthas, or puris can be quite beneficial. It's a simple method of releasing all the digestive enzymes needed to properly break down and flavour your bread.


Ajwain comes packed with many benefits for your body. However, it should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment. If you have high cholesterol levels or certain health issues, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider and follow up with their treatment plan.

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