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benefits of anjeer for male (figs benefits for male)

"You have to take care of yourself before taking care of others."

It is rightly said so because when you are healthy and fit, only you can look after your family. A healthy lifestyle and diet are the keys to healthy living. One of the important superfoods that must be a part of your diet is figs, also known as anjeer in Hindi, because of their amazing nutritional profile. In this blog, you will discover the health benefits of anjeer for men. 

Before, diving directly into the health benefits, you must know the key nutrients and minerals present in anjeer (figs).

Nutritional Properties of Figs

Figs are nutrient-dense dry fruits, making them an excellent supplement to a healthy diet. They are a good source of carbohydrates, fibre, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and copper. Moreover, they are low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

5 Anjeer (Figs) Benefits for Men

The health benefits of anjeer for men stem from their nutrients. Let's see how the daily consumption of 2-3 figs every day can improve the overall well-being of men. 

  1. Boost Sperm Count

    The foremost health benefit of anjeer for men is the boost in sperm count. This is because figs are a rich source of zinc. Zinc plays an important role in testosterone synthesis. The deficiency of zinc reduces the level of testosterone. Therefore, the daily consumption of figs in the morning boosts testosterone levels. 

Furthermore, anjeer is rich in antioxidants and minerals. All these factors together boost sperm count and quality. 

  1.  Manage Diabetes

    If you are among those men who are suffering from diabetes, then you must incorporate figs (anjeer) into your diet to naturally manage your blood sugar level. Anjeer are a great source of potassium, and the daily consumption of figs (anjeer) lowers insulin requirements. 

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  1. Improve The Quality of Sleep

    The stress of household responsibilities and work pressure hamper the sleep cycle. If you are among those men who are having a hard time having a sound sleep, then you must start consuming 2–3 figs (anjeer) at night for a better sleep.

The health benefit of figs (anjeer) in improving the quality of sleep is confirmed by the presence of potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron, which aid in blood flow and muscle contraction, thereby enabling you to fall asleep. 

  1. Promote Healthy Heart

    Do you know, cardiovascular disease accounts for 20.3% of deaths in men? Poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, and other factors contribute to cardiovascular diseases. Lifestyle changes and healthy eating can improve your heart health. 

Eating 2-3 dry figs daily helps lower blood pressure and enhance good cholesterol levels, as figs (anjeer) are rich in potassium and low in sodium. However, you must eat preservative-free figs to improve your heart's health. You can order the finest quality dry figs online on Healthy Master. 

  1. Improve Digestion & Promote Weight Loss

    Are you diagnosed with a high level of fat? Are you suffering from digestion problems? This is a time to pay attention to these health problems. If they are left untreated, they can affect your testosterone level.

The daily consumption of figs provides your body with fibre, therefore giving you relief from constipation and metabolism problems. Furthermore, the high fibre and low-calorie content in figs help you lose weight. 

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From improving sexual health and digestion to managing diabetes, figs are a superfood for men. After learning about the incredible health benefits of anjeer for men, we are sure you are going to add them to your diet at the earliest. However, it is important to eat the finest quality figs to enjoy their health benefits. Healthy Master is the one-stop marketplace online to buy premium-quality figs (anjeer).

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