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does cashew increase weight

Whether you are going through your weight loss or weight gain journey it is important to be mindful of what you eat. It is advised that the best natural foods to eat are dry fruits. But in the case of cashews it is not so simple. The most common dilemma that people face is - “Does cashew increase weight?”

The reason behind the confusion is the versatile use of cashew. You can use cashews for weight gain as well as weight loss. It depends on how many cashews you eat in a day, do you pair them with a balanced diet or not and whether you have an active lifestyle.

In this blog, we will be covering topics such as  - 

  • What are cashews 
  • Nutritional composition of cashews
  • How to eat cashew nuts for weight gain
  • Best time to eat cashew for weight gain
  • Conclusion

So, let's dive in!!

What are Cashews?

Cashews are seeds that come from cashew trees. It is a tropical evergreen tree that is mostly found in South america. But cashews cannot be eaten in their raw form. The reason being, cashews are kernels of cashew apple that grows at the end of cashew nut. Cashew nut is a hard shell and contains cashew nut shell liquid known as urushiol which is a harmful substance and must be handled with care. 

The truly raw cashews, that is cashews containing urushiol are first roasted to remove it and then served in the market for your use.

They are rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. They are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K, magnesium and copper. Now let’s dive into the nutritional composition of cashews to get a better idea whether cashews can make you fat or not?

Nutritional composition of cashews:

Cashews are rich in essential nutrients required by your body. To answer the question - “does cashew increase weight?”, let’s see the detailed breakdown of this seed in 1 ounce or 28 grams.



Total fat

12 grams

Saturated fat

1 gram

Monounsaturated fat

8 grams

Polyunsaturated fat

3 grams


8 grams


1 gram


1.7 grams


5 grams

Vitamin K

10% of the Daily Value (DV)


20% of the DV


69% of the DV


20% of the DV


15% of the DV


13% of the DV


11% of the DV


10% of the DV


10% of the DV

Vitamin B6

7% of the DV

The high presence of calories can cause confusion if one should use cashews for weight gain or weight loss. But in reality, if you pair cashews with other dry fruits and eat them in limit, they do not cause weight gain.

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How to eat cashew nuts for weight gain

Cashews are a rich source of calories and protein and can be used for weight gain. Read below to find out different ways in which you can eat cashews for weight gain

Eating cashews as a snack - 

If you have a hard time eating large meals, snacking after short intervals of time can be helpful. But the snacks that you chose must be healthy and that is where cashew comes in. But if you are wondering how many cashew nuts per day for weight gain? Then your answer is 30-40 cashews in a day paired with a balanced diet. To know more in detail check out healthymaster’s blog - How many cashews to eat per day?

Adding cashews to the meal - 

If you want to meet your daily requirement on cashews for weight gain, you can also add them to your meals. They can be added to salads, stir fries and curries and can also be used as a sauce and dips.

Make cashew butter - 

Cashew butter is a power packed spread that can be used on fruits, toast, crackers, baked goods and smoothies.

Drink cashew milk - 

Cashew milk is a good source of protein and calcium and can easily substitute dairy milk in smoothies, coffee and cereals.

Remember to not forget to pair it with a balanced diet, healthy fats and protein for maximum results.

Best time to eat cashew for weight gain

There is no specific answer to this question as it varies as per individual schedule and preference. But here are some of the best time to eat cashew for weight gain

After a workout - 

Since cashews are a good source of protein and healthy fats that will help you in muscle recovery after an intense workout. Cashews increase weight after workout by also promoting muscle growth and repair of tissues.

As a part of meal - 

As discussed earlier cashews can be added to salads, stir-fries, and curries. They can also be paired with sauces and dips. This will increase your calorie intake and help you in weight gain.

As a snack - 

They are healthy snacks that will keep you full for a longer time while also providing all the necessary calories required for weight gain. It will also help you avoid overeating at mealtimes and gain weight more gradually.

At last, the best time to eat cashews for weight gain depends on you. The aim should be to fit them effectively in your diet and routine. You can consult your doctor or dietitian before adding them to your diet.

Conclusion - 

Cashews are a good source of protein, healthy fats and other essential nutrients. Does cashew increase weight? It depends on how you incorporate them in your diet. Cashew can be used for weight gain if you eat 30-40 cashews in a day. Remember to pair them with a balanced diet and daily workout regime. 

Hope this blog could answer your question and remove your confusion regarding cashews. If you are looking to buy premium quality cashews online then don’t forget to visit healthymaster.in