List of dry fruits & nuts to eat in summer along with their benefits

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As summer season is on the horizon, we discuss a list of dry fruits to eat in summer and what benefits they can have on your health and body.”

Summer is here and so is the time to embrace the change in eating habits. No longer do you have to eat food that brings warmth to your body but it’s time to eat edibles that provide you with more than enough calories and energy to keep your body going in the high summer heat.

But it is very easy to lose track of your diet intake during summers as your body starts craving for something that is high in sugar and fat, then little do you know that you have started to binge on carbonated drinks and ice-cream! We at Healthy Master believe that healthy eating should never stop no matter what season.

Among the healthy edibles that one should always keep a part of their diet are - Dry Fruits. Known as “Superfoods” we have already talked about a variety of their nutrition boasting profiles and how beneficial they are in boosting body immunity. Many people consider dry fruits to be a part of winter diet because of their benefits in keeping the body warm from inside but that is not true. Dry Fruits are as beneficial in summers as they are in winters and today, we plan on listing such dry fruits to eat in summer that can help provide necessary energy to your body to help you tackle summer heat!

List of dry fruits to eat in summer

1. Dates (Khajoor)

Dates, known as khajoor are the perfect summer edible for you to have in the summer. These tasty, sweet and gummy-licious dry fruits are high in iron, vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Dates can be eaten as evening snacks or can be used in various recipes like smoothies. Dates are highly beneficial in keeping the digestive system healthy in summers while providing you with necessary calories to boost your body energy and metabolism. A couple of Dates during morning or afternoon can help provide you with the energy to keep you going for the day.

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The side-effects of eating Dates

While Dates can provide you with the necessary requirement of calories, if you end up overeating then it could lead to weight-gain. Its high content of fiber could also lead to side-effects in developing gastrointestinal diseases like stomach pain, bloating, constipation, etc.

Recommended number of Dates to eat in Summer

The safe number of Dates considered to be safe to eat in summer without any side-effects are 2-4 everyday but it is recommended you consider a specialist nutritionist or your doctor to know more about it.

2. Raisins (Kismis)

Kismis are something that people across all ages in India enjoy and cherish it more than anything. These delicious dried out grapes are a vital ingredient to a variety of sweet dishes in Indian cuisine. Raisins are a great source of natural sweetener that is used to make cool refreshing sweet dishes like kheer, halwa, milk shake and thandai.

Raisins are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber and calories that are helpful in providing your body with necessary energy to stay energetic for the day. Raisins are also beneficial in lowering the blood sugar levels in your body while aiding in cosmetic benefits by getting rid of acne from your skin.

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The side-effects of eating Raisins

Raisins, like Dates are also known to be quite high in calories and fiber. Overeating raisins could lead to weight-gain so it’s recommended to take raisins in moderation for any weight watchers out there.

Recommended number of Raisins to eat in the summer

According to nutritionists, the recommended number of raisins to eat in summer without any side-effects are 5-7. But you should always consult your own doctor to determine your adequate intake.

3. Figs (Anjeer)

So far we have talked about dry fruits that are high in sugar content so it’s time to talk about something that is low in sugar and calories. One such dry fruit is Figgs otherwise popularly known as “Anjeer” in Indian households. Rich in Iron and Antioxidants they are highly beneficial in boosting heart health. Anjeers are low in sugar that helps control blood sugar levels in the body and reduce cholesterol.

What makes Anjeer a special summer treat is that it is also low in calories, making them the go to choice for weight-watchers to add to their diet.

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The side effects of eating Figs

Since figs are rich sources of fiber, overeating them could lead to stomach issues like bloating, stomach ache which could make you feel heavy and tired. Overeating anjeer could also lead to a rapid calcium absorption in your body which could cause bones and joint pains.

Recommended number of figs to eat in summer

The recommended amount of dried figs you can eat daily is around 2-3 but make sure you are not having any stomach troubles or calcium-deficiency otherwise the side effects could be hard to handle.

Apricots are another sweet addition to a dry fruit family that can either be eaten as whole snacks or used to make butters to be spread on toast. Apricot tastes like a natural cherry candy that is rich in Vitamin C. It contains no added preservatives or flavors and its taste is more on the natural side. Apricots can make you feel full and reduce your hunger cravings while making your metabolism fast during summers.

4. Apricots (Khubanne)

Apricots are low in sugar that helps control your blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol in your body. They are also very good for skin and give you a radiant glowing texture on your face.

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The side-effects of eating Apricots

The side effects of eating apricots include nausea, constipation and bloating. Otherwise, some people may develop allergies to apricots so it is recommended that you check with your doctor before adding apricots to your daily diet intake.

Recommended amount of Apricots to eat in summer

Apricots are pretty high in fiber content so to avoid the side effects of stomach issues and constipation, it is recommended not to eat more than 2 pieces of Apricot per day in the summers.

5. Prunes (Sookha Aloo Bukhara)

Prunes are a form of dried plums that are extremely delicious to eat. Prunes contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any other dry fruit which are helpful in keeping the heart healthy without getting any risks of strokes. The prune juice is rich in dietary fiber that helps keep the gut system healthy and reduce inflammation and constipation.

Eating prunes in summers is a good way to provide an extra boost of energy for the day and reduce your cholesterol levels and keep your digestive system smooth and healthy. They are a great choice for a pre or post- workout snack as they are good for muscles and bones.

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The side effects of eating Prunes

While prunes are rich in dietary fiber, they also contain insoluble fiber that could be hard to digest upon overeating. This could lead to gastrointestinal diseases and bloating in the stomach. The other side effects include diarrhea and weight-gain.

Recommended number of Prunes to eat in summer

The safe recommended number of Prunes to eat in the summer is around 2-3 servings. But we recommend that you try with 1 prune a day to see how it makes you feel before increasing the intake in your diet. You can also recommend your doctor or nutritionist to know about the adequate intake.

6. Dry Fruits Laddu

Dry Fruits Laddu are the best of dry fruits made into a yummy delicious snack for you to enjoy in summer times. Made by using Dates as the base gum, the other dry fruits used to make this Laddu are -almonds, walnuts, pista, cashews, etc. This sweet delicacy is rich in calcium, fiber and provides essential nutrients to your body for an energetic day. It also helps boost up your metabolism.

Dry Fruits Laddu are a great snacking option during the summers as just 1 piece of dry fruits laddu is good enough to keep you energetic for an entire day and you can eat it anytime you are feeling low on energy or feeling fatigued.

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The side effects of eating dry fruits laddu

The side effects of Dry Fruits Laddu are mainly precautionary. Since this laddu is made from the goodness of numerous dry fruits, it is extremely rich in calories and high fiber content. With multiple dry fruits involved, you should always check if you have an allergic reaction to any of the dry fruits involved. Also, it is recommended not to overeat them as it could lead to stomach issues and gain in weight.

Recommended number of dry fruits laddu to eat during summer

Just 1 single piece of this delicacy is enough to recharge your battery for the day and make you feel energetic. But in moderation, you can also eat 2 pieces per day to match your daily calories intake.

Summer recipes you can make using dry fruits

  • Smoothies: Smoothies are the ultimate healthy summer drink. Instead of using sugar you can use dates or raisins as a sweetener to blend into a tasty and healthy smoothie.
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  • Kheer: No Indian household can remain without kheer and dry fruits have always been used to add flavour and texture to the goodness of kheer.
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  • Kulfi: Everyone loves a nice kulfi during summers, in this case you can make the liquid form of kulfi using dates, apricots or raisins to make a delicious and cool kulfi for yourself.
Kulfi image used in the post dry fruits for summer blog
  • Barfi: Instead of using sugar, use apricots and dates as a sweetener agent to make a refreshing piece of barfi for the summers.


Summer is the time to enjoy and have fun but make sure you don’t lose track of your diet in order to remain healthy. There are plenty of ways to make meals that can help you keep cool and refreshing for the summers using the goodness of dry fruits. Healthy Master have provided you with such a list of dry fruits to eat in summer that you can shop for today by going over to our catalogue!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about dry fruits to eat in summer

Q. Can we eat dry fruits in summer?

A. Yes! We can eat following dry fruits in summer.
1. Dates (Khajoor)
2. Raisins (Kismis)
3. Figs (Anjeer)
4. Apricots (Khubanne)
5. Prunes (Sookha Aloo Bukhara)
6. Dry Fruits Laddu

Q. Can we eat dates in summer?

A. Yes! Dates are a great option of dry fruits to eat in summer that gives you energy for the entire day!

Q. Can we eat pista in summer?

A. While dry fruits like Almonds, Pista or Cashews are healthy to eat, it is recommended to lower the intake of such dry fruits as they provide a lot of heat to the body.

Q. How to eat dry figs in summer?

A. You can eat dry figs as raw snacks or use them as an ingredient to make recipes that would provide cooling to your body.

Q. Can we eat raisins in summer?

A. Yes! Raisins are a great option of dry fruits to eat in summer as they provide necessary calories to keep you energetic on a hot day. You can also use them to make a variety of summer dishes.

Q. What are the best dry fruits to eat in summer?

A. Some of the best dry fruits to eat in summer are Dates, Raisins, Apricots, Dry Fruits Laddu, Prunes and Figs. They are rich in nutrients that keeps you energetic for the entire day and lessens the feeling of fatigue.