Fermented Foods: What To Include And What To Avoid While Eating It

fermented foods

Fermented Foods: What To Include And What To Avoid While Eating It

Fermented foods have become increasingly popular in today's culinary scene due to their distinctive flavours and possible health advantages. These traditional foods, which range from creamy yoghurt and kombucha to tart sauerkraut, take our palates on a delightful culinary adventure.

But for a safe and delightful culinary journey, it's important to know what to include and what to avoid as we delve into the world of fermentation. 

We'll go over the ins and outs of fermented foods in this blog, guiding you through the delicious array of options and helping you make wise selections so your culinary journey is both delightful and health-conscious. 

Together, we can explore the exciting world of fermented foods and turn your culinary adventure into a wholesome and enjoyable experience.

Why Are Fermented Foods Good For You? 

fermented rice

Numerous health and well-being benefits can be obtained from eating fermented foods. Their contribution to the promotion of gut health is one of the main reasons they are beneficial to you. Probiotics are good live bacteria that help maintain a healthy gut flora, and these meals are loaded with them. 

An abundance of beneficial bacteria in the stomach can improve immunity, improve digestion, and even have an impact on mental health. The process of fermentation raises the bioavailability of nutrients in food, which facilitates your body's absorption of vital vitamins and minerals.

The procedure can help break down difficult-to-digest substances like lactose and gluten, which helps some people tolerate these foods better. The rich and acidic flavour profile of fermented foods can encourage you to include them in your diet, making your meals much more enjoyable. 

Therefore, these delicious concoctions, whether you're drinking kombucha, eating kimchi, or enjoying a bowl of yoghurt, not only tempt your taste buds but also take care of your body's health.

Top 4 Fermented Foods To Include And What To Avoid While Eating It  


fermented foods

Pickles are a classic example of a fermented food. Soak these cucumbers in a brine of water, salt, and spices, and watch them transform. Friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus work their magic during fermentation to transform carbohydrates into lactic acid. 

This not only gives the pickles their unique sour flavour but also naturally preserves them. The outcome is a spicy, high-probiotic snack that improves intestinal health and goes well with sandwiches. 

Pickles are a flexible and appreciated addition to many culinary traditions around the world since they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours.

To fully appreciate the nutritious, tangy flavour of pickles as a fermented food, avoid components such as chemical preservatives, extra salt, and low-quality vinegar.


fermented foods

Yoghurt is a popular fermented meal that is deliciously creamy and tart. To make it, live cultures of bacteria, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, are added to milk to initiate the fermentation process. 

Lactose is transformed into lactic acid by these helpful bacteria, which gives yoghurt its unique flavour and viscous consistency. 

In addition to being a tasty treat, this nutritious powerhouse also contains vital vitamins, calcium, protein, and probiotics that support digestive health. Yoghurt is a multipurpose ingredient that works well as a base for both savoury and sweet meals, as well as eaten on its own or in smoothies.

When consuming yoghurt as a fermented meal, stay away from adding too much sugar or artificial sweeteners, as these can counteract the health advantages and add extra calories. Yoghurt is best served cold in Indian cooking and should not be combined with really spicy foods like extremely hot curries or foods that have been severely salted or pickled. The delicate flavour and bacterial benefits of curd may be overshadowed by these combos.


fermented foods

Fermentation gives dhokla, a delightfully light and spongy Indian treat, it's lovely texture. This is a steamed cake made with a spice-infused batter made of fermented rice and chickpea flour. Not only does fermentation give it a unique flavour, but it also improves the nutritional profile by making the nutrients easier to digest. 

When enjoying dhokla, pay attention to the toppings and chutneys that come with it. Fresh, handmade versions are preferable to store-bought ones because the latter may have too many added sugars and preservatives.

It's important to enjoy this delightful treat in moderation because overindulging could cause pain. Eating dhokla in moderation guarantees a tasty and healthy meal.


fermented rice

A popular, mildly carbonated beverage, kombucha is an amazing fermented beverage. The base of this elixir is a sweet tea that has been exposed to a culture of bacteria and yeast. It ferments the tea over several weeks to turn it into kombucha, which has a sour flavour all its own. 

In addition to its distinct flavour, this brew is valued for its probiotic content, which can strengthen immunity and support digestive health. 

Despite having a taste that may take some getting used to, kombucha's increasing appeal and its health advantages are demonstrated by its interesting, fizzy allure.

Avoid drinking too sweet or flavoured teas with kombucha, as they could interfere with the fermentation process. To prevent contamination, steer clear of metal utensils and containers.


Foods that are either manufactured with live, active bacteria or contain them are considered fermented foods. According to research, eating fermented foods regularly may help diversify the beneficial bacteria in your digestive system.

If you've never eaten fermented foods before, begin cautiously by consuming one to two servings each day to gauge your tolerance. The majority of fermented Indian foods are rich in essential vitamins and minerals as well as substances that reduce inflammation.

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