Night Shift Diet Plan: Meals To Be Included To Get Nutrients

night shift diet plan

Night Shift Diet Plan: Meals To Be Included To Get Nutrients

Working the night shift can change your life in many ways. The human body is designed to work during the day and rest at night. But when you work during night shifts, working against your natural body rhythms poses a special set of challenges, which adds extra stress.

Shift workers may need to pay more attention to maintain their mental and physical health. Adequate sleep and making healthy food choices are two major factors that you need to focus on. 

However, you do not need to worry, as we have prepared a night shift diet plan that you can follow up with to gain nutrients and prevent any health-related issues over time.

Although you should consult with your doctor or dietician in case you have different dietary preferences or health-related issues.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Dieting On Your Nightshift

night shift diet plan

  1. Start Your Day With Dinner: Aim for dinner by 7:30–8 p.m. if your day begins at 7 p.m. or later. Do not put off eating until after midnight; eat a timely meal ahead of adjusting to work hours.
  1. Opt for a Light Dinner: Pick a meal that is light, high in protein, and high in fibre to avoid feeling drowsy after supper. Vegetables like dal or brown rice might satisfy your hunger without putting you to sleep.
  1. Embrace a Teaspoon of Ghee: Ayurveda suggests taking a teaspoon of ghee before going to work to counteract nocturnal dryness. This aids in regulating the body's moisture content.
  1. Avoid Oily Foods: Avoid heavy, fried foods when working nights. They contribute to weight gain, which results in acidity and stomach problems because of an inactive digestive system, in addition to causing bloating and a heavy feeling.
  1. Snack on Nuts: Consume nutritious foods like almonds, makhana, and roasted chana to stave off midnight hunger. Choosing these healthy snacks can help you avoid overindulging and manage your weight.
  1. Moderate Caffeine Intake: For alertness, night shift workers frequently drink excessive amounts of coffee or tea. Instead, drink fresh juice or water every 30 minutes to stay hydrated. You stay active with this without experiencing the side effects of excessive caffeine.

Night Shift Diet Plan

The objective of this comprehensive plan is to include nutrient-dense meals at predetermined times during the night deliberately.

Meal 1 (Pre-Shift - Around 7:00 PM)

night shift meal plan

Start your night shift with a well-balanced dinner. Choose a bowl of vegetable dalia, a filling porridge made from broken wheat that provides complex carbohydrates that keep you full for longer. 

Serve this with a tiny portion of yoghurt for probiotics, which are important for gut health, and some almonds or walnuts for a small amount of healthy fats that will keep you full.

Meal 2 (During Shift - Around 12:00 AM)

night shift meal plan

Midnight demands a hearty lunch to keep you going with your work. Pick a well-balanced combo of mixed vegetable curry, dal, and whole wheat roti. This mixture provides essential vitamins from vegetables, complex carbs, and proteins.

Add a small amount of brown rice or quinoa to your diet for various carbs that release energy gradually. Add several slices of carrot or cucumber for some crunch and to stay hydrated.

Meal 3 (Midnight Snack - Around 3:00 AM)

night shift meal plan

As the night wears on, choose a less heavy but still filling snack. Think of oats, upma or poha, which are richly flavoured with vegetables and offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. For a mild caffeine boost, try it with a cup of black coffee or green tea. Add some fruit, such as an apple or banana, to introduce natural carbohydrates for a burst of energy.

Meal 4 (Post-Shift - Around 6:00 AM)

eating tips for night shift workers

After working the night shift, concentrate on fueling your body with a nutritious breakfast. Savour a paneer salad paired with a colourful selection of vegetables to make sure you're getting both important micronutrients and proteins. 

For extra protein and texture, try adding a sprinkling of seeds like sunflower seeds, flaxseed, or Greek yoghurt to this. Make drinking enough water a priority to replenish your body's fluids.

Meal 5 (Before Sleep - Around 9:00 AM)

eating tips for night shift workers

Enjoy a simple, comforting meal as you wind down. Enjoy a warm cup of turmeric milk, which has been shown to have relaxing effects. You can also mix it with a small bowl of paneer or a few seeds like sabja seeds, watermelon seeds, or pumpkin seeds to release protein gradually throughout the night.

Adjust serving amounts to suit your needs, and speak with a nutritionist for tailored advice. Keeping your body's internal clock in check through consistent meal timing supports general well-being while working night shifts.

Healthy ways to unwind after your shift

night shift diet plan

It can be difficult for some people to relax after the end of their shift. However, refrain from using alcohol as a sedative. Alcoholic beverages cause dehydration and disrupt your body's natural sleep cycle, which only makes you feel more exhausted. 

Try yoga or deep breathing instead. You can also ensure that you are adequately hydrated by consuming a small handful of healthy snacks to keep your cravings at bay.

In the end, shift labour of any kind strains the body and mind. Thus, keep in mind to be gentle with yourself if you are struggling to reach your overall fitness or weight-loss objectives. 


Eating meals high in nutrients, such as protein-rich foods, whole grains, and colourful vegetables, promotes both optimal physical health and mental alertness. Remember that the secret to prospering throughout the night shift is providing your body with the proper balance of nutrients. 

Thus, enjoy every meal as a proactive step towards leading a more energetic and healthy nocturnal lifestyle. Visit Healthy Master for a wide range of healthy snack products.