Gym Diet Plan: Embark on The Fitness Journey with the Right Nutrition

gym diet plan

Gym Diet Plan: Embark on The Fitness Journey with the Right Nutrition

Your progressive workout depends on your ability to consistently eat the right foods at the right times. But if you feed your body the incorrect nutrients, you won't have the energy to push through your drill. 

Conversely, overindulging in food before exercising may cause nausea or discomfort. To ensure you know exactly what to eat before, during, and after a workout, it's crucial to have a gym diet plan.

In this blog, we shall look at a gym diet plan that would work great with your body.

7 Day Diet Plan

gym diet plan

Given below is a generalised diet plan if you are working out as a beginner for the week.





Spinach Moong Dal Cheela with Protein Shake + Papaya

Multigrain Roti along with Fish Curry and Greek Salad


Multigrain Roti & Mushroom Matar Paneer Curry, Tofu Vegetable Salad

Upma with vegetables and a glass of buttermilk

Vegetable biryani with raita, and cucumber slices

Sprouts chaat with tamarind chutney

Lentil soup, chapati, and a side of stir-fried spinach

Oats porridge with nuts and berries

Chickpea curry, quinoa, and cucumber-tomato salad

Greek yoghurt with honey and a handful of almonds

Grilled paneer tikka, roti, and mint chutney

Vegetable dosa with coconut chutney

Rajma, brown rice, and mixed vegetable raita

Moong dal chilla with mint chutney

Baked fish, millet pulao, and a side of sautéed broccoli

Idli with sambar and coconut chutney

Spinach and paneer curry, quinoa, and cucumber slices

Roasted makhana with a sprinkle of chaat masala

Mixed vegetable curry, chapati, and a bowl of curd

Semolina upma with vegetables and a cup of green tea

Egg curry, brown rice, and a side of carrot and pea salad

Banana smoothie with a dash of cinnamon

Bhindi masala, chapati, and a bowl of cucumber raita

Puffed rice with peanuts and a glass of buttermilk

Vegetable pulao, dal makhani, and a side of beetroot and onion salad

Guava slices with a sprinkle of chaat masala

Chicken curry, quinoa, and a bowl of mixed fruit salad

Nutrients To Consume Pre and Post-Workout Sessions


gym diet plan

Protein is essential for the body's ability to maintain and grow muscle mass. Preventing the loss of muscle mass is crucial for anyone attempting to gain body weight or gain more muscle mass.  

Since protein is what makes your muscles heal after a workout, it will be an essential part of your diet plan for the gym. Protein is easily obtained from a variety of foods, including dairy, poultry, and eggs.


gym diet plan for beginners

The body uses carbs as fuel to carry out a variety of tasks, making them the primary source of energy. The carbohydrates you eat produce glucose, which serves as your body's primary fuel source. 

Simple carbohydrates are quickly absorbed by the body, but complex carbohydrates take longer to digest because they contain some fibre. Healthy carbs are easily obtained from a variety of foods like whole grain bread and oats.


Fats can be very helpful to the body and are essential for the production of hormones in the body. Fats come in two varieties: unsaturated fats and saturated fats. 

Good fats, or unsaturated fats, have the potential to lower inflammation in the body and to help raise High-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels also known as good cholesterol. Fats are easily obtained from a variety of nuts, seeds, and fruits, including avocados.

A Guidance on Both Your Pre And Post-Workout Diet Consumption

Pre-workout foods

gym diet plan for beginners

The best thing to do before working out is to minimise fat. This is due to the slow digestion of fats, which implies that they may make you feel heavy and lethargic rather than energising you.

Protein-rich meals, on the other hand, are great to consume before working out because they keep our muscles from breaking down. Before working out, you can provide your body with the amino acids it needs to stop muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth and recovery by eating a healthy source of protein.

Simple carbohydrates are great for 30 minutes to an hour before a workout, as they provide the body with fast-acting glucose as fuel. However, complex carbohydrates also play a role in energy metabolism. 

By consuming low GI carbohydrates around 2-3 hours before a workout, you can give your body a slow-releasing source of energy. This means you’ll be able to work out for longer and be less likely to have a dip in your blood sugar levels in the middle of your workout.

Post-workout foods

diet and gym plan

After a workout, consuming fats facilitates the absorption of nutrients, especially fat-soluble vitamins. Protein is the main point of an ideal post-workout diet since it aids in muscle repair. 

Meals high in protein help prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle growth by assisting in the repair and rebuilding of muscles following exercise. During a post-workout, it's beneficial to include complex carbohydrates within 2-3 hours after exercising. 

These carbs provide a slow-releasing source of energy, assisting in sustained endurance and preventing a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. This combination of protein and complex carbohydrates contributes to effective recovery and enhances your overall workout performance.

Foods to avoid

diet and gym plan

  • High-fat meals can cause cramping in the stomach and indigestion. Fat can be more difficult to digest than other nutrients because of its high-calorie content. Thus, it will cause discomfort during your workout by sitting in your stomach.
  • Spicy foods can induce indigestion and heartburn. They may also cause bloating and gastrointestinal irritation.
  • Fried foods are also heavy in fat. They may also result in nausea and stomach pain.


Making the most of your gym time requires eating the right kinds of food before, during, and following a workout. You'll have all the nutrition you need to crush your workouts and bounce back fast by following up with a healthy meal plan.

Remember to consult with your doctor for a much more personalised diet plan, as you could have certain allergies or reactions to some foods. Visit Healthy Master for a wide range of healthy snack options.