Recipe for Ragi Noodles

Recipe for Ragi Noodles

Ragi noodles are earning quite a reputation these days. It has become one of the best alternatives to the traditional maida and atta-based noodles. Ragi or finger millet noodles can be relished any time of the day, whether it is a filling breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Ragi has been a staple food for Karnataka, a south Indian state for centuries. However, as the new generation is looking for something new and delicious with a modern twist, ragi-based noodles are in demand. Thus, if you are looking for an option to include millet noodles in your diet, this is the right content for you. Here you will find information on some of the best recipes, health benefits as well as the nutritional value of these amazing grains. 

What is Finger Millet (Ragi)?

Finger millet or ragi is an annual crop grown in different parts of the world for food and fodder. According to the records, ragi was usually cultivated in the southern part of India, especially in Karnataka. It is commonly known as a poor man’s protein diet. People in Karnataka enjoy this food in the form of ragi balls. This is a very filling diet that keeps your hunger at bay. These amazing grains are packed with dietary fiber and proteins that boost your health and performance. 

Health Benefits of Ragi Noodles

Rich in Nutrients: Ragi or finger millet is considered one of the best grains that humankind has been using for centuries. Apart from serving as a protein-rich filling food, they are packed with good sources of calcium, fiber, and iron, as well as amino acids. These nutrients can be very beneficial for anemia prevention, bone health, and overall nutrition. 


High Fiber Content: The high fiber content in finger millet aids in digestion, regular bowel movements, and the prevention of constipation. On the other hand, it also promotes a feeling of fullness that aids in your weight management. As ragi-based snacks and foods will keep you filled for a longer period, you can avoid the cravings for junk foods.


Gluten-Free: Ragi is also naturally gluten-free. Thus ragi noodles are considered an excellent choice for people with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. As finger millet is also very versatile, you can use it in different types of dishes and products. They are also easy to make and consume. 


Low Glycemic Index: Ragi also has a low GI (glycemic Index), which makes it an ideal option for people with diabetes. It also helps in managing the blood sugar levels as it releases the glucose slowly in the bloodstream.


Antioxidant Properties: Ragi noodles are also known for their antioxidant properties. They contain some of the important antioxidants like phenolic compounds, which help you to combat oxidative stress in the body. Regular yet moderate consumption of ragi will help you to reduce any risk of chronic diseases.


Heart Health: Ragi is packed with fiber, potassium and magnesium, which contributes to improved heart health. It improves the health and functions of the blood vessels and ensures proper functioning of the heart. This is also a great way to ensure ideal blood pressure levels and maintain the right amount of cholesterol levels. 


Bone Health: Ragi or finger millet also contains high calcium amounts which can be highly beneficial for your bones. This is one of the main reasons why it is advised for all age groups, from toddlers to old individuals. Including ragi in your diet will help you to maintain strong bones and teeth. It is also good for people who are at risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Why Choose Ragi Breakfast?


Breakfast is undoubtedly a quintessential part of our daily life. It is also considered the most important meal for people of all age groups. Including ragi in your breakfast can provide you with numerous health benefits. There are many tempting, tasty, and healthy recipes to choose from. Breakfast made with ragi can be fulfilling and help you to keep hunger at bay. This is also a great way to avoid munching on unhealthy and junk foods.


Due to the color and texture of ragi, most people, especially kids, used to reject it. However, noodles are a new healthy twist that most people are liking. Children are loving these noodles as they have a nice texture and taste. 

Premium Quality Millet Noodles from Healthy Master


If you are looking for good-quality millet noodles, you will find many options these days. For instance, you can find premium quality millet noodles provided by Healthy Master from which you can choose the best. There are different types of millet noodles to choose from such as moringa millet noodles, quinoa millet noodles, ragi millet noodles, and vermicelli options to choose from. Apart from individual options, you can also try different combos and choose the best that suits your taste preferences. 

Incorporating Ragi Noodles in your Diet


As mentioned above, ragi is a very versatile food you can choose for your diet. You can incorporate them easily in different dishes and enjoy them. Some of the top choices you can try are mentioned below:


Add Protein: If you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for an option to add more protein to your diet, adding different options like chicken, tofu, legumes, and shrimp could be a great option. This will help you to stay away from the unwanted calories and fats. Moreover, you can easily prepare them as you just have to boil and stir fry.


Experiment with Sauces: If you are tired of the boring plain noodles, you can experiment with different sauces. This will help you to change the flavors. You can try anything from the classic tangy tomato sauce to creamy coconut gravy noodles. The options are endless. 


Vegan Option: If you are a vegan looking for a delicious twist in your diet, millet noodles with seasonal vegetables could be a great option. This will help you to add a good amount of fiber and vitamin content. 


Use as a Base: You can add ragi millet noodles as a base for the salads. Your favorite veggies with some light dressing will provide you with a healthy and refreshing meal.


Different Healthy Snacks to Choose: Due to the increasing demand for millet-based foods, the market has seen a rise in millet-based snacks. For instance, Healthy Master offers different types of premium-quality millet snacks for users. You can choose from different options like millet balls, millet cookies, millet crisps, millet noodles, etc. There are also many flavors and types to choose from. 




Ragi millet noodles are a testament to how traditional foods can be adapted to modern-day lifestyles. You do not have to compromise on the taste while including them in your dietary needs. They are very versatile and have amazing health benefits when compared to other healthy options. These noodles are an excellent choice for people who are looking for an option to eat healthy without compromising on the taste.