Hazel Nuts

Hazel Nuts


Hazelnuts fully loaded
with nutrients and
healthy fats.

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Hazelnuts have a great nutrient profile. Although they are high in calories, they are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats. High in magnesium, calcium and vitamins B . Good for your heart and aid in muscle, skin, bone, joint and digestive health.


1. Promotes Heart Health.
2. Rich In Antioxidants.
3. Help Fight Obesity.
4. Increases Muscle Strength.
5. Good for Skin and Hair Health.

Nutritional Values :
Per(100g), Calories- 628, Total fat-61g, Saturated Fat-4.5g, Carbohydrate-17g, DietaryFiber-9.7g, Sugars-4.3g, Protein-15g, Vitamin-A(0%), Vitamin-C(0%),Calcium(9%), Iron(26%), Vitamin-D(0%), potassium(14%).

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