5 Healthy and Tasty After-School Indian Snacks

after school snacks indian

5 Healthy and Tasty After-School Indian Snacks

You can anticipate seeing your child exhausted but eager for home-cooked meals following an exciting day at school. Allowing them to indulge in a plate of nutritious snacks will satisfy their hunger and keep their bodies well-nourished, which is the best way to keep them enthusiastic.

Children naturally gravitate towards unhealthy food options, so keeping their unhealthy cravings on the low is a challenge that can be accomplished by consuming nutritious snack options.

In this blog, we shall discuss five delicious, healthy after-school Indian snack options that would get your kids to say yes over time.

Benefits Of Healthy Snacks

after school snacks indian

Snacks that are healthy are crucial to kids' diets. Snacks give a lot of kids the energy they need between meals, cover nutrient gaps, and reduce hunger. It is crucial to exercise caution when providing kids with snacks that are high in healthy nutrients but low in fat and sugar.

  1. Energy: It gives them the energy they need to maintain their active lifestyle. Consuming long-lasting energy from foods like fruits, vegetables, and nuts helps people stay focused and avoid fatigue.
  2. Fill in nutrient gaps: Meals may not provide kids with all the nutrients they require. You can fill the void with wholesome snacks that are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals.
  3. Healthy eating practices: By introducing nutrient-dense snacks into a child's diet early on, parents can help prevent obesity and other chronic diseases as the child advances into adulthood.

Top 5 Healthy Snack Options 

1. Fruit Chaat

Indian after school snacks

Your kids deserve a tasty and healthy after-school snack of fruit chaat after a demanding day of learning and play! It's a great way to keep them energised since it is full of natural sweetness and vitamins. You can chop up some of their favourite fruits, such as berries, apples, and bananas. Simply add a dash of chaat masala for a little extra zing. 

2. Ragi Ladoo

Indian after school snacks

Ragi laddu is a healthy treat that your kids will love as an after-school Indian snack that is packed with nutrition. Ragi is high in fibre, calcium, and iron; it's a great food for growing children.

Ragi flour should be roasted until it gives off a nutty smell in order to make these healthy laddus. Combine it with a spoonful of ghee, jaggery, and finely chopped nuts. Now that the mixture is shaped into bite-sized rounds, cook and enjoy.

In addition to being a delicious treat, these homemade ragi laddus are a guilt-free way to make sure your child receives vital nutrients for their general well-being.

3. Vegetable Paratha Rolls

Indian after school snacks

Your child's healthy after-school snack can be made easily with these veggie paratha rolls. These rolls are loaded with goodness, combining a colourful medley of vegetables with whole wheat parathas. 

For a taste blast, sauté grated carrots, bell peppers, and spinach with a dash of Indian spices. Just wrap the vegetable mixture around warm parathas and fasten them with toothpicks. This nutritious and tasty treat will keep your child full and energised until the next meal.

4. Roasted Chickpeas

Indian after school snacks

For your kids, Roasted Chickpeas are the ideal crunchy, guilt-free after-school snack. These delicious morsels, full of fibre and protein, will keep them feeling full and energised. Toss with olive oil, add your preferred spices (paprika and cumin), and drain and dry the canned chickpeas. 

Roast until golden brown for an incredibly tasty and nourishing crispy treat. Your kids will be yearning for more of this snack; it is a mom-approved choice.

5. Poha Cutlets

healthy and tasty after school snacks

Your child will adore Poha Cutlets as a tasty and nutritious after-school snack. Poha is combined with vegetables, such as grated carrots and peas, to make these airy and crispy cutlets. 

To prepare, just soak Poha in water, combine with vegetables, add cumin and turmeric, shape into cutlets, and bake until lightly browned. It's a delightful method of sneaking in nutrients, making sure your child has a healthy snack after an engaging day at school.

After-School Snacks To Avoid 


  • Avoid sugary snacks that can cause energy crashes and impair focus, such as candy and cereal with added sugar.
  • Steer clear of heavily fried, high-fat snacks like some chips and samosas. Instead, choose healthier ways to cook.
  • While some packaged cookies and sugary drinks may taste good, they are high in empty calories and deprive kids of vital nutrients, leaving them hungry for real food.
  • Treats that are overly salted, such as some packaged snacks and instant noodles, should be avoided because they can lead to bad eating habits and water retention.


Including healthy snacks in your child's diet is a great way to improve their overall health and well-being. The snacks listed above are the perfect combination of healthy and tasty, and are also a great way to make sure your kids are eating a healthy diet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you do as a parent to make sure that our children learn to eat healthily?

As parents, you should aim to be positive role models by implementing healthy food options like vegetables and fruits for your children. You can also get them involved by making them tag along when you go grocery shopping and by getting them involved while cooking to strengthen your bond.

Also, remember to teach them to respect meal times and to keep away from distractions like phones while eating. Remember to be patient, as it takes children some time to get themselves accustomed to healthy alternatives.

2. What can happen if your child snacks on a lot of fast food and cold drinks?

Snacking on unhealthy food options on a daily basis can have a negative impact on the health of your child over time. This will eventually hinder your child's growth and development.

Keep in mind, as a parent, to encourage healthy alternatives in the diets of your children.