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healthy indian snacks ideas for office

9-5 hectic and stressful jobs are one of the major reasons for today's modern lifestyle diseases. You spend the majority of your time in front of your laptop screen. In between work, it is natural to have small pangs of hunger and to munch on snacks in the office to satisfy these cravings. However, it is your choice to make a conscious eating decision.

Although there are many feel-good office snacks on the market, the majority of them are harmful to your body and health. If we say that you can satiate hunger without gaining calories, then this would be? It is like enjoying the snacks without any stress of gaining weight. Substitute the unhealthy junk food with these 5 healthy office snacks right now.

5 Best Healthy Office Snacks

1. Multi Millet Ajwain Cookies

Are you a tea lover who loves to have a tea break every 2 hours? If so, enhance the taste of your tea with healthy and delicious multi-millet ajwain cookies from Healthy Master. They are 100% baked with no preservatives. They are the best substitute for maida cookies.

Additionally, they are packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B1 and iron, so you can enjoy cookies without the tension of gaining calories and weight. They are one of the most delicious and healthy office snacks for tea lovers. Enjoy guilt-free snacking time with multi-millet ajwain cookies.

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2. Baked Palak Chips

Is your job stressful? Do you relieve stress by munching chips? If so, are you conscious of what you are munching on? The majority of the chips are fried and made of maida. While they relieve stress, they lead to weight gain. So, this is a time to switch from fried maida chips to baked palak chips, which are healthy and sumptuous.

Additionally, the high nutritional value of palak chips makes them the best substitute for fried chips. Pair them with green chutney and enjoy guilt-free munching in the office. Undoubtedly, palak chips are one of the best office snacks.

3. Whole Wheat - Methi Khakhra

Shout out to all the diet-conscious to fill their office cupboard with one of the health-friendly office snacks, whole-wheat methi khakhra. Thin, baked and crispy ~ whole wheat khakhra satisfies your hunger pangs like no other Indian snack. The right combination of spices makes it a delicious and healthy Indian snack. They are so light that you can enjoy them at any time of the day. You can explore different varieties of Khakhra here. You can eat it with or without any dip, top it with some chopped veggies, or just have it with hot chai.

4. Choco Cream Fills

If you have a sweet tooth, then you must have Choco Cream Fills from Healthy Master on your office desk and purse. You can enjoy them while commuting too. They are absolutely perfect to satisfy the small pangs of sweet cravings that haunt you during commuting and after lunch. This office snack is your perfect health choice. They are the healthy alternative to unhealthy chocolates.

Made from natural ingredients, they are light and fill your mouth with a heavenly taste of fresh vanilla mixed with creamy filling. In addition to Choco Cream Fills, you can explore other sweet treats here.

5. Millet Balls

One more yummy, healthy office snack filled with protein. Millet balls are great for snack time as they can keep you satiated till your next meal. It helps curb the craving for unhealthy junk food. One of the best ultimate comfort snacks, millet balls at Healthy Master are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. They are one of the best evening snacks, especially enjoyed with tea or coffee. In short, with millet balls, you are satisfying your craving without compromising your health. Besides millet balls, Healthy Master is known for its extensive range of millet snacks.

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Dry Fruits - Healthy Office Snacks

1. Almonds

Almonds are a powerhouse of antioxidants, fibre, good fats, proteins, and vitamin E. Eat a few almonds since they are high in magnesium if you have medical health issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol. When you skip your next meal, snack on a few almonds to ensure that you never experience hunger pains again. You can buy a great variety of almonds from Healthy Master.

2. Walnuts

One of the most popular dry fruits, walnuts are the perfect healthy snack for the office. The nuts are excellent for the body because of their fantastic taste and texture. Walnuts attract healthy bacteria, so eating them promotes a healthier gut, which in turn results in better digestion and reduced inflammation. You can buy premium-quality walnuts, with or without shell, from Healthy Master.

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3. Dates

As winter is approaching, dates are one of the best healthy snacks for the office. A wonderful fruit to eat that has advantages, including being a fantastic energy source when you're tired. Dates are fantastic for skin and can prevent hair loss in addition to giving you an energy boost. You can explore a great variety of date options here.

4. Apricot

Do you have a field job? Do you feel down and worn out most of the time of the day? If so, start eating apricots as a mid-meal snack in the office. They aid in cell growth, strengthen immunity, promote fertility, and improve vision. They are a great energy booster, and you can eat 3–4 apricots every day to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. At Healthy Master, you get a great variety of apricots like apricot white, apricot turkel, to name a few.


The above-shared list of healthy office snacks not only satisfies your cravings but also takes the utmost care of your health. These healthy snacks for the office can be enjoyed at any part of the day. You will compromise neither on your health nor on taste with a wide range of healthy office snack options from Healthy Master.