All sticky and crinkled,
this fruit is
surprisingly packed with
fiber and a powerhouse of
vitamins and
minerals.Being rich
source of fibre Its a
healthy addition to one's

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Prunes are the plums that are dried naturally in the sun without undergoing any fermentation process. This fruit is surprisingly packed with fiber and a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.Prunes are rich in vitamin K and contain beta-carotene. Prunes are healthy addition to any diet.Prunes are good source of Vitamin A,C,K,Iron,Manganese,Copper,Vitamin B6 and rich in potassium which helps muscles,nerves and heart function properly

Prunes are a good source of both insoluble and soluble fiber that helps to reduce bad cholestrol.Insoluble fiber helps keep your bowel movements regular while soluble fiber helps to moderate digestion and absorb nutrients from your food.Just eating two prunes regularly can help you maintain gastrointestinal health through promoting regular bowel movements.

The higher amounts of vitamin K in prunes also help to improve bone health.Prunes are good source of cell protective antioxidants.One can intake Prunes in moderation and enjoy the benefits.


1. Rich in Vitamin C which increases absorption of iron into the body.
2. High in dietary fiber and improves digestive health
3. Powerhouse of antioxidants
4. Builds immunity and improves bone health.
5. Good for diabetics.

Nutritional values :
Per100g, Energy-240 Kcal, Carbohydrates-38.13g,Protein-2.18g,Total Fat-0.38g,Cholesterol-0mg,Dietary Fiber-7.1 g,Vitamin A-781 IU,Vitamin C-0.6 mg,Vitamin E-0.43mg,Vitamin K-59.5 µg,Sodium-2 mg,Potassium-732 mg,Calcium-43mg,Copper-0.281 mg,Iron-0.93 mg,Magnesium-41mg,Manganese-0.299 mg,Phosphorus-69mg,Selenium-0.3 µg,Zinc-0.44mg.

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