10 New Low-Calorie Indian Snacks To Binge On Guilt-Free | Snacks For Weight Loss

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Choosing the correct snacks is essential when you start your weight-loss journey. It goes without saying that when it comes to losing weight, snacking may either be your best friend or your worst enemy.

You see, it's crucial to strike the ideal balance between flavor and health, and there are a ton of alternatives available for you in Indian cuisine. 

Is Snacking Really Healthy?

Snacking is a crucial component of any weight-loss plan and can be beneficial if planned in the right way. Opting for protein and fiber-rich snacks can increase your energy and satiate hunger. To receive important nutrients, try eating a variety of snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

To support your metabolism, which is the process by which food feeds into the energy that your body needs to function, try to consume a meal or snack every three to four hours. Fat burning and weight loss can be supported by a healthy metabolism.

Not every snack encourages weight reduction. Nevertheless, moderation is vital.

What's In It For You?

Consuming healthy snacks takes us on a journey of satisfaction and health. By consuming these nutritious options, you are not only cutting out calories but also enjoying the flavor of age-old Indian traditions.

In this content, we'll investigate a wide variety of low-calorie Indian snacks that you can eat without guilt during your weight loss program: Palak Chips, Baked Bhakarvadi, Baked Mathri, Oats Khakhra, etc from Healthy Master are some unique options. On your journey to losing weight, these foods will keep you energized and motivated. So let's dig in and explore a world of low-calorie Indian snacks that will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling nourished. 

Top 10 Low-Calorie Snack Options:

  • Mooli Dumplings
  • Mooli dumplings provide a guilt-free snacking option that is excellent for individuals looking to lose weight. These scrumptious bits add a delightful variation to your typical snacking routine, all without weighing you down with guilt.

    Here are some reasons why mooli dumplings are a great option: They provide a secret benefit to your health because they are high in key nutrients and antioxidants. Furthermore, the amount of fiber they contain prevents hunger and keeps you full throughout the day.

    But their low-calorie content is what sets them apart. You can indulge in a large serving without jeopardizing your attempts to lose weight. Mooli dumplings maintain their crisp texture whether they are baked or air-fried, making them a delicious, guilt-free snack that helps you achieve your wellness objectives.

  • Baked Makai Masala Mathri

  • These delicious treats boost your weight loss efforts while simultaneously tingling your taste buds.

    These baked treats let you savor the complex flavors of age-old Indian snacks without impeding your progress, which is the greatest part. This snack has a delicious crunch without the guilt associated with deep frying since they are loaded with a variety of healthy ingredients and spices.

    You'll be happy to learn that they are baked rather than fried, greatly lowering the calorie intake while maintaining the delightful texture. Without increasing your calorie consumption, the spicy masala gives an additional depth of flavor.

    You now have a guilt-free snacking choice with Baked Makai Masala Mathri that not only supports your weight loss objectives but also provides a blast of Indian flavors.

  • Bananas and Peanut Butter

  • According to research, consuming peanuts encourages healthy weight loss. On the other hand, potassium, an important vitamin that supports neuron and muscle function, is found in bananas. 

    One banana will give you a great start, but it won't provide you with all of the potassium you need each day.

    A banana should be covered with a spoonful of peanut butter. This protein will sustain your energy for several hours, while the carbohydrates will offer you a rapid mood and energy boost.

  • Baked Bhakarwadi

  • With this guilt-free choice, you may indulge in delicious Indian flavors. These spiral-shaped beauties, when baked to perfection, provide all the flavor without the added calories of deep-frying.

    The baking procedure is the key. You may enjoy the traditional Bhakarwadi flavor while consuming less oil. It is difficult to imagine that this snack will aid in your weight loss because the crispy, spicy filling is a treat for your taste buds.

    With Baked Bhakarwadi, you have a delectable snack that allows you to enjoy the flavor of Indian spices guilt-free.

  • Oats Khakhra 

  • You should not worry that indulging in the delicious Indian flavors will prevent you from reaching your weight-loss objectives. The health behind oats and the traditional Khakra are combined in Oats Coin Khakra, which provides a light and crunchy texture without having too many calories.

    The genius of this snack is that it's made to help you stay on course. High-fiber foods like oats help you feel full and satisfied longer, which makes it simpler to limit your overall calorie intake.

    You now have a snacking choice that satisfies your palate and advances your health and well-being goals with Oats Coin Khakra. Enjoy the flavor and crunch without feeling guilty. Your weight loss path becomes a little bit more tasty and a lot more achievable thanks to this snack.

  • Millet Balls:

  • This snack is the ultimate choice for people looking for something Western in taste and style. The cheese and oregano flavor millet balls are a comfort food mashup for people who are missing those cheesy and oregano flavors. You can buy these crunchy ready-to-eat millet balls from Healthy Master. 

    Millet balls are low-calorie snacks that are ideal for any diet plan. On the other hand, they are also rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants. These individually portioned bite-size balls are perfect for parties, special occasions, or even during traveling. 

  • Roasted Makhana:

  • Makhana is praised for its nutritional value. They are gluten-free, diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, and suitable for all age groups. It is also a light, flavor-dense nutritional food that you can enjoy any time of the day. It does not matter whether you are looking for a tea-time snack or something healthy to munch on during those busy work hours, makhana could be the best option.

    If you are looking for premium quality roasted makhana snacks under a budget, Healthy Master can provide you with the best. When looking for Makhana snacks, you will find different options like tangy tomato flavor, peri peri, salted, mint, and plain. This will help you to choose the best that suits your needs and preferences. 

  • Dahi Vada / Dahi Bhalla:

  • Dahi vada is a fluffy, melt-in-mouth snack that you can enjoy during the hot summer months without worrying about the calorie intake. This is a simple recipe where the lentil dumpling (vada) is dunked in creamy yogurt. It has a fusion of tangy, spicy, nutty, and creamy flavors due to the unique ingredients added. Dahi vada is topped with classic sweet and spicy chutneys, which provides an undeniable treat for the palate.

  • Sprout Chaat:

  • If you are looking for something really refreshing, raw, and nutritious, sprout chaat could be the best option. This is a very simple salad-type recipe that you can enjoy between the meals. These are made with sprouted moong, spices, peanuts, and herbs. This high-fiber snack improves gut health and keeps you satiated for a longer period. 

  • Roasted Chana:

  • This is a protein-rich snack that has been enjoyed by Indians for ages. This simple snack is easy to make at home and combines taste and nutrition. If you are looking for a good quality roasted chana snack, you can easily buy it from Healthy Master. All the snacks at Healthy Master are crafted with care and precision to offer you a delightful treat. 

    Therefore, if you are a health-conscious individual who wants to try something nutritious and rich during the tea breaks, roasted chana from Healthy Master could be the best option. They are high in protein and fiber. When looking for roasted chana, you will find many flavors and options like spicy masala, magic roasted, cheese, salted, etc.

    How Do You Include Healthy Snacks In Your Diet?

    Having a supply of healthy snacks readily available is the best approach to include them in the diet. Those who lack time to prepare their snacks can look for snack-sized portions sold on websites like Healthy Master, which offers a wide range of products that come pre-packed in snack sizes. They are also cost-friendly and an effective snack solution to add to your diet foods.


    To maintain your energy levels and prevent overeating, it is crucial to include healthy snacks in your weight reduction plan. The above-mentioned Indian snacks provide a pleasant blend of flavors, textures, and nutrition to aid in your weight loss. 

    By selecting these healthy snacks, you may nourish your body and delight your taste buds while working towards your weight loss objectives. 

    But keep in mind: to generate a calorie deficit and continue losing weight, pay attention to your body's signals and practice portion control.