Dry Fruit: Dry Apricot Benefits For Weight Loss

dry apricot benefits for weight loss

Dry Fruit: Dry Apricot Benefits For Weight Loss

Dried apricots have a high fibre content and are an ideal snack for anyone trying to lose weight because they will keep you full for quite some time.

Additionally, making dried apricots a part of your diet plan has been shown by scientists to aid in weight loss. Without adding a lot of calories, apricots keep you feeling satisfied and positively impact your overall body health.

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In this blog, we shall look at the dry Apricot Benefits for weight loss.

Nutritional Value Of Apricots

Given below is the nutritional value of dried apricots per 100 grams:






4 g 


5 g 


63 g 


3 g 


1160 mg 


55 mg


3 mg 


32 mg 


71 mg 


2 mcg

Vitamin A

180 mcg

Vitamin C

1 mg 


10 mcg

Benefits of Dry Apricots For Weight Loss

1. Rich in Fibre

dry apricot benefits for weight loss

Dried apricots are high in fibre, which helps aid in your weight loss journey. The fibre present in this fruit encourages satiety, which reduces overeating and aids in weight control. It also slows down digestion and controls your blood sugar levels. 

This helps avoid unhealthy snacking in between meals in addition to assisting with calorie control. Furthermore, eating foods high in fibre requires more energy to digest, which helps you lose weight indirectly.

2. Helps Boost Metabolism

dried apricots soaked in water benefits

Dried apricots maintain a healthy digestive system, which increases metabolism. The primary factor influencing weight gain and loss is also known as metabolism. The higher, the easier it is to lose weight because we burn more calories.

In addition to providing us with energy, having a high metabolism promotes a healthy lifestyle and apricots are a great dry fruit to add to your diet as they are rich in fibre hence keeping you full for some time.

3. Fulfils Your Cravings

dried apricots soaked in water benefits

When you have a sweet tooth, dried apricots make a filling snack. Not only are these little treats delicious, but they also subtly aid in weight loss. Since they are high in fibre, they encourage fullness and reduce overindulgence in unhealthy snacking.

The natural sugars present in these fruits also provide a sugar rush without the guilt that comes with eating a lot of sugary snacks. For those looking to lose weight, selecting dried apricots over high-calorie alternatives is a smart choice.

4. Work with Hormonal Imbalance

dried apricots soaked in water benefits

Apricots have a major impact on hormone balance, which helps with weight loss. These delicious fruits are full of nutrients that assist in regulating hormones essential for energy expenditure and metabolism by supporting the endocrine system. 

Vitamin A and potassium are the two important vitamins and minerals found in apricots, which are crucial for preserving hormonal balance. Apricots indirectly encourage a more efficient metabolism by bolstering hormone function, which in turn encourages your body to burn fat stores for energy.

5. Low in Calories

benefits of Apricot

Since dried apricots are low in calories they are a great way to aid in your weight loss journey. You can still have a satisfying treat without going over your calorie intake limit by eating fewer calories. 

Their inherent sweetness also aids in reducing sugar cravings and encouraging a healthier diet. Dried apricots also have a low calorie count which supports your weight-loss objectives by enabling a guilt-free indulgence.

6. Digestive Health

benefits of Apricot

Dried apricots, in particular, are superfoods for your digestive system. Because they are full of dietary fibre, they keep your digestive system functioning properly and avoid any sort of sluggishness. 

This fibre promotes a healthy gut environment in addition to aiding in the maintenance of your regular bowel motions. Apricots support the health of your digestive system as a whole by encouraging the growth of advantageous intestinal flora. 

How to Eat Apricots for Weight Loss 

benefits of Apricot

Including apricots in your diet is easy and delicious. Here are a few ways to enjoy apricots:

  • Dried apricots can be eaten on their own as a snack to satisfy cravings and provide a little energy boost in between meals.
  • To add a natural sweetness and extra fibre to your salads or yoghurt and make your meals feel more filling, try adding dried apricots.
  • Add dried apricots to your smoothies to boost nutrition and taste, making them a satisfying and healthful option.
  • Appropriate amounts of dried apricots can be a tasty and nourishing method to support your weight loss efforts in your regular diet.
  • Dried or fresh apricots make a delicious garnish for porridge or yoghurt dishes that can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack. You can also enjoy your dried apricots frozen as well. 


Dried apricots make a low-calorie sweet snack that keeps your unhealthy sugar cravings at bay. They do have a high fibre content, which helps you resist cravings for junk food and sugar while also satisfying your sweet tooth.

Overall, dried apricots are a great addition to your diet when it comes to your focus on losing weight. Check out the different dried apricot options we offer, like the Apricot White and the  Premium Quality Dried Apricot - Turkel.

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