10 Astounding Health Benefits of Anjeer

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Anjeer or figs have been a part of Indian households for centuries. This is mainly because of the astounding health benefits they offer. The fleshy and mild sweet texture of this dry fruit makes it apt for different types of desserts, smoothies, and sweets. Here you will find more information on some of the top 10 health benefits of eating dry fig or anjeer. 

Historical References of Anjeer:


Dry figs, commonly known as anjir in India are consumed globally, both dried and in fresh forms. Although native to the Southwestern part of Asia, they are now mainly produced in countries like Egypt, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Brazil, and California. They are mainly grown in slightly cold, dry, and hot regions. Anjeer dry fruit plays a major role in Indian Mythology as an object of worship. Anjeer is praised for its medicinal and nourishment properties.  


This small pear-shaped flowering plant is scientifically termed as Ficus Garcia. The benefits of Figs are so many as they are very nutritious and full of minerals. The places where the fig is commercially grown in India are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Coimbatore. 

Let us now look into the health benefits of Figs (Anjeer): 


  1. Benefits for male & female: Treats Sexual Problems 


Figs have been used since ancient times to treat numerous sexual problems such as sterility, decreased stamina, and erectile dysfunction. The rich content of vitamins B6, vitamin A, and minerals like potassium, copper, and magnesium boost semen production. Dried figs are dense in amino acids, and it works as a good aphrodisiac fruit by boosting energy and libido. Figs are also beneficial for adolescent girls to get rid of PMS symptoms and regulate the monthly cycle. Moreover, several studies have proven that figs are effective in treating the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.


  1. Aids in Weight Loss:

Another anjeer benefit is that it helps in losing weight and in weight management. Dried figs are rich in soluble fiber, which keeps you satiated, and reduces food cravings. The dense nutrients help in losing weight. According to one study, the high fiber content in figs helps in losing extra fats. However, moderation is important as dried figs are high in calories. It is recommended to consume only about 2-3 figs per day. Moreover, dried figs make a healthy snack for gaining weight. 


  1. Regulates Blood Pressure:


The richness of potassium in anjeer helps in regulating high blood pressure. Potassium is an important mineral that helps the body in regulating blood pressure as it makes it easy to disprove the negative impacts of sodium. The potassium content in figs helps to stimulate muscles and nerve functioning, balance the fluid in the system, and maintain the electrolyte balance. Controlling blood pressure can help dilate blood vessels, boost blood circulation, and reduce stress. Thus figs are the ideal fruit to include in a high blood pressure diet.


  1. Prevents constipation:


Dried Figs are great to recharge and soothe the intestines. It works as a natural laxative because of the good amount of soluble fiber present in it. Research proves that the dense fiber content can promote normal bowel function, add bulk to stool and soothe the bowel movement preventing constipation, and serves as a natural remedy to treat digestive conditions such as stomach flu.


  1. Treats Piles:


The natural laxative property of figs helps in reducing the pressure on the rectum, which eases the hemorrhoids. As per a report published, figs are used as a traditional remedy for treating hemorrhoids because of their laxative and antispasmodic properties.


  1. Treats Insomnia:


Dry fig helps induce sleep and thus is beneficial for people suffering from Insomnia. Tryptophan in figs helps blood circulation in the body, thereby resulting in good sleep. Moderate consumption of figs will ease your body and help you to relax. 


  1. Promotes Heart health:


The potassium content in figs, or anjeer regulates blood pressure and maintains heart health. On the other hand, the high soluble fiber in figs will also lower cholesterol levels. Including figs in your day-to-day diet will help you to reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. 


  1. Improved Bone Health:


Anjeer is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and many other essential minerals, which will help you maintain strong and healthy bones. Regular yet moderate consumption of anjeer prevents different types of bone-related issues like osteoporosis and promotes bone density as you age. 


  1. Boosts Immunity:


Anjeer is packed with different types of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, vitamin A, and zinc. These minerals and vitamins will strengthen your immune system and support your overall health. Figs can also keep your immune defenses strong and ward off many infections. 


  1. Provides Energy:


Fig is a natural source of carbohydrates. The quick and easily digestible source of energy provided by Fig will give you that added boost to keep going. Including figs in your diet will fuel your body to perform different types of physical activities. 




From boosting immunity to supporting digestive health, the health benefits offered by anjeer are really impressive. It does not matter whether you are consuming it in dry or anjeer fruit form, moderation is the key. This is a very versatile dry fruit that you can incorporate in different dishes and snacks. 

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