How to use Makhana for weight loss?

makhana good for weight loss


Ever since covid, people have started to pay special attention to their mental and physical health. This has resulted in the majority of people prioritizing weight loss. There are several ways to go about it and one such way is to use makhana for weight loss. It is a natural and effective weight loss strategy and has several benefits to it. In this blog we will see  - 

  • the benefits of makhana for weight loss, 
  • best time to eat makhana for weight loss and 
  • the makhana recipe that you can use for weight loss

What is Makhana?

Makhana is a popular Indian snack and is also known as fox nut or lotus seed. It is rich in essential nutrients and is generally taken with evening tea. It can also be added to kheer, raita and can be used to make makhana curry. 

Benefits of Makhana for weight loss -

1. Low calorie content - 

The main reason for obesity is eating more calories than you are burning. But if you are someone who eats less and still gains weight then the problem is not the quantity but the quality.

Often when we are hungry we tend to reach for snacks that are not healthy for us and contain a lot of calories. This is where you could bring in a more low calorie nutrient rich snack - Makhana which can significantly help you in weight loss.

2. Protein rich - 

Protein plays a significant role in reducing unhealthy fat and keeps you full. This results in less calorie intake and helps you in weight loss. Makhana is a good source of protein and provides 3 grams of protein per serving. This helps you in building muscles and keeping you in shape. Hence replacing your unhealthy snacks with makhana could be a great choice.

3. Low Saturated Fats:

Foods with low saturated fat are highly beneficial for heart health. Makhana has low saturated fats which makes them a hea;thy snack and a perfect choice for your weight loss journey.

4. High fiber content:

A recent study conducted by the American Society of Nutrition suggests that increasing fiber content by 4g can help in reducing weight by approximately 2 kg in 6 months. Makhana provides 4.5g of fiber in each serving that is 32g. Imagine how easily you can lose your weight with this benefit of makhana for weight loss.

Best Time to Eat Makhana for Weight Loss

As always, timing is essential to your weight loss journey. Every food has the best timing in which it should be consumed. For makhana it is mid morning or late afternoon. Another benefit is that these are the times when one is attacked by hunger pangs. Hence eating Makhana at this time can help you satisfy hunger and help in weight loss.

Makhana Recipes for Weight Loss

The most common way to eat makhana is by roasting them with butter on low heat for 10 minutes. This gives them extra crunch. But there are other ways as well in which you can include Makhana in your diet. And most importantly they are all easy and quick to make. Here’s how you can make Makhana roast - 


- 2 cups makhana

- 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)

- Salt to taste

- Black pepper powder to taste

- Roasted cumin powder for garnish


  1. Heat a pan on low flame and add ghee.
  2. Add the makhana to the pan and roast them until they turn crisp and golden brown.
  3. Sprinkle salt and black pepper powder over the roasted makhana, and toss them gently to coat evenly.
  4. Remove the roasted makhana from heat and let them cool.
  5. Once cooled, sprinkle some roasted cumin powder for an extra burst of flavor.
  6. Transfer the makhana roast to an airtight container and enjoy it as a healthy snack whenever hunger strikes.

Makhana can also be added as a topping on salads or soups. It can be grinded and made into powder. This powdered form of Makhana can be used as a nutritious coating for fish and chicken. It can also be paired with kheer to give a crunchy taste.

As always, eat them in moderation. Have a balanced diet and exercise daily to get the maximum benefits of Makhana for weight loss.


In conclusion, makhana can become your best friend in your weight loss journey. It has a lot of nutritional benefits such as high protein and fiber content, low calories and no added salts that can significantly improve your metabolism and help you fight those hunger pangs. By incorporating Healthy master’s makhana into your diet you can keep yourself healthy and fit.

So, why wait? Grab a pack of makhana today and start your delicious and nutritious journey towards weight loss. Remember, consistency makes a big difference, and with makhana by your side, you have a tasty and healthy ally in your battle against the bulge.