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6 Vitamin C Rich Dry Fruits & Berries

We bet you didn't know that your body doesn’t produce vitamin C, but rather you have to take it from outside. The recommended daily requirements for vitamin C are 90 mg for men and 75 mg for women.

So, does your diet have vitamin-c-rich foods? You might be thinking of taking vitamin C supplements to fulfil the daily requirement. However, this is the solution, but a temporary one. As vitamin C tablets result in fatigue and sleepiness.

The best solution to fulfil the recommended daily amount of vitamin C is dry fruits and berries. They are easily available throughout the year on Healthy Master, so they can easily become a part of your diet plan. Additionally, they are delicious, unlike vitamin C tablets.

Before jumping to the list of vitamin C rich dry fruits and berries, it is important to understand why you should include vitamin C rich dry fruits and berries.

Why vitamin C is Important for Health?

Because it is water soluble, vitamin C is not stored by the body. You must consume vitamin C-rich dry fruits and berries in order to keep your levels of the vitamin at a healthy level. Known for its anti-oxidant, immune-protective, and anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C offers you the following 5 health benefits.

  1. Boosts Immunity - Your immune system is strengthened by vitamin C, which functions as a good antioxidant. A diet rich in vitamin C strengthens your defensive mechanism, preventing you from developing a number of chronic ailments. Additionally, vitamin C increases the blood flow via your arteries. This raises the blood's ability to deliver oxygen, thereby significantly reducing the risk of heart disease.

  1. Prevents Gum Bleeding - Are you on a healthy diet to get fit? If so, make sure that you don't end up with bleeding gums. Do you know the deficiency of vitamin-c rich foods in your diet results in bleeding nostrils and teeth detaching from your gums? Therefore, don't forget to add vitamin C-rich dry fruits and berries to prevent these conditions.

  2. Prevents Common Cold - Common cold is a common health issue, especially in the winter season. Make your winter diet rich in vitamin-c foods to free yourself from the grip of the common cold. Vitamin C reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, which helps with cold symptoms.

  3. Reduces Blood Pressure - Dry fruits and berries high in vitamin C work as diuretic agent by causing the kidneys to excrete extra water and sodium, which progressively lowers blood pressure.

  4. Improves Eye Vision - Vitamin C-rich dry fruits and berries lower the risk of cataracts. With age, there is muscular degeneration. Vitamin C diet reduces this degeneration, thus improving the vision and health of your eyes.

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6 Vitamin-C Rich Dry Fruits, Nuts & Berries

Though there are many vitamin-C supplements, nothing can be better than taking the natural sources of vitamin C.

There are many vitamin C-rich vegetables and fruits, but most of them are seasonal in nature. So, the best source of vitamin-C throughout the year is dry fruits and berries.

Make your diet Vitamin-C rich with these dry fruits and berries.

  1. Figs - Dry fruits rich in vitamin C prevent hair fall and promote healthy hair. Figs are a rich source of vitamin C that promotes hair growth. The nutrients in figs improve blood circulation in the body, which in turn speeds up hair growth. For healthy, smooth, and shiny hair, it is recommended to eat figs twice a week. In addition to strengthening hair, the fibre content in figs helps with weight management.

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  1. Raisins - Do you know, 165gm of raisins contain 7.83mg of vitamin C? The vitamin C content in raisins strengthens the immune system, thus helping in fighting common infections like colds, especially in the winter season.

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  2. Apricots - Apricots are a rich source of vitamins C and E. These two vital nutrients play an important role in improving skin health. The skin contains collagen, and vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, thus giving your skin strength. Furthermore, vitamin C protects the skin against UV damage by neutralising free radicals, thus preventing wrinkles.

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  3. Blueberries - Blueberries are a rich source of fibre, vitamin C, and the anti-oxidant anthocyanins. Consuming blueberries could help lower diabetes. Furthermore, eating blueberries lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood, lowering the risk of a heart attack and improving artery function.

  4. Raspberries - Another berry which is rich in vitamin C is raspberries. Eating them helps in reducing oxidative stress. Additionally, black raspberries reduce the risk factors for heart disease like blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  5. Strawberries - One of the best sources of vitamin C, strawberries help maintain blood sugar levels, which is crucial for preventing diabetes. Furthermore, they are also excellent for the heart and reduce inflammation by reducing inflammatory chemicals in the blood.

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Vitamin C is a vital nutrient with a wide range of health benefits. It promotes the production of collagen, lowers oxidative stress, and speeds up wound healing. Additionally, by improving the body's ability to absorb iron, vitamin C aids in the production of more red blood cells. While you can include vitamin-rich fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, dry fruits and berries are the best year-round sources of vitamin C. We know you can't compromise on your health. That is why Healthy Master offers you premium quality dry fruits and berries at affordable prices.

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